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27 Jul 2015, 06:36
I can't stop crying. 3 very successful fast days not one pound have I lost........ Also I can't see where to weigh in or enter my weight and measurements. Will fast today and again Thursday and see if anything happens. Any ideas PLEASE?????
Re: Crying
27 Jul 2015, 06:47
Don't give up, and don't cry. There are so many variables involved it can take a while, depends on lots of factors, e.g., how much you weigh, whether you have been compensating on your non fast days which happens to many of us, and a whole host of other things.
Don't forget that you can also lose inches not pounds, have you taken pre fast measurements? Have a look in the useful tips section at the top as there is a long article on it. Someone I'm sure will come along and put the link up for you, I can't at the moment as I am on my mobile.
Nil desperandum!!!
Re: Crying
27 Jul 2015, 07:01

Yes as debs says the tape measure will tell a different story.
Entering stats. Go to the yellow banner at the top, see tracker, add it in there, where it's in red "add more data" . You'll get the hang of it.
Re: Crying
27 Jul 2015, 07:23
3 fasts is nothing! Well done and keep going!
Re: Crying
27 Jul 2015, 07:40
Cry it out, pick yourself up and carry on. I am not losing anything weight wise either and have been back here a couple of weeks but 2cms off my ginormous waist it something to smile about. I expected the fat to melt overnight.
This is not really a diet it's a lifestyle choice. Big hugs xxx
Re: Crying
27 Jul 2015, 10:40
The fist time I did 5:2 I didn't lose a single pound for the first 4 weeks (ie 8 fasts) - I was feeling a bit desperate, but after that the weight loss did kick in. All I can say is stick with it and try to resist the (powerful) urge to weigh yourself too often in the early stages! I weighed myself fortnightly to start with, though I know that different strategies work for different people.

Also if you haven't gained any weight either then that's an achievement in itself!

Keep going :smile:
Re: Crying
27 Jul 2015, 16:28
I would guess if you're feeling a bit teary, maybe you're at a particularly hormonal time of the month? (sorry if that's a wrong asumption) and as you'll see, our weight can fluctuate wildly when hormones are involved! If you hadn't fasted you might have found the scales showing a higher number! Watch the trend going down with time, and let us know if you continue not to lose, we're always happy to try to help troubleshoot :)
Re: Crying
27 Jul 2015, 17:44
I lost nothing for five weeks but kept going and lost two stone in the next 12 just keep the faith and stay patient..sometimes it takes a while ...
Re: Crying
27 Jul 2015, 17:51
If you have a history of dieting often, you won't have the whoosh of weight loss many overweight people experience when starting a diet - this is also usually water weight.

I agree with what everyone else has said - I'm sorry it's so frustrating!! Definitely get the tape measure out and use that as a supplemental tool.

I know that there is one week a month where I weigh 3 to 4 pounds more than the following week. It's frustrating, but it's only water.
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