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How to tag a username
09 Feb 2017, 02:07
I have noticed that a few new members may not know how to tag someone - unfortunately it is NOT just a case of typing "@" before the name.

What you have to do is highlight ("select") the name once you have typed it, and then press/click on the "tag" icon which is above the message/text box, on the right hand side.

I think you have to be in full "reply" mode, not quick reply.

I find I now have to press the tag icon twice to get the tag to work - but that may be an iPad thing.

You know that the tag has worked if the username is highlighted when in preview mode or once the post is submitted. Some names are highlighted in different ways, if they have a particular role with the forum.

I generally preview all my posts first, to check for typos etc (not that I always find them...!).

Hope this helps!
Re: How to tag a username
09 Feb 2017, 02:19
Thanks @@Sassy1 for explaining that - This tagging bit is new to me and wondered why something didn't look quite right in my posts. Thats the something new learnt today :grin:
Re: How to tag a username
09 Feb 2017, 04:42
You don't have to type the "@" symbol at all - sorry for not making that clear!
Re: How to tag a username
10 Feb 2017, 00:01
Ah @Sassy1 you noticed my unsuccessful attempt to get it right - although I did preview after following your tagging info. I didn't see that the @ came up twice until after I had submitted it but eventually worked it out. Got it now thanks.
Re: How to tag a username
10 Feb 2017, 00:34
Also @cmce you can edit any of your posts at anytime. You may have realized that already!
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