How to Embed a YouTube Video
23 Feb 2013, 15:31
When you find a video on YouTube that you wish to share with your 5:2 friends, you can either add a link to your post, or embed it so that it plays within your post.

To embed the video

1. First, identify the video that you want to embed


2. Next, within your new post on the 5:2 forum, click the 'youtube' button


3. This will add the following in to your post (without the spaces)

[you tube][/you tube]

4. Add the YouTube identfier to your post - in this case wf_IIbT8HGk

[you tube]wf_IIbT8HGk[/you tube]

5. Without the spaces between the 'you' and 'tube', your post will look like this