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Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 08:55

I currently weigh myself everyday just so I can see my progress during the fast and feed days.

I loose approx. 5lbs during the week but when I weigh myself on the 7th day I average 1lb per week.

Should I fast for more days or eat a lot less on my feed days as it's great getting on the scales during the week and seeing a 5lb loss but depressing at the end of the week seeing only a 1lb loss.

Please can you advise on how I can improve?

Re: Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 10:04
Hi Maria, 1lb a week loss is the average so you're doing well. Better to take things slowly and get there in the end than try and rush things and maybe give up. You'll still reach your target!
Re: Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 10:15
I feel for you maria! I too want to see big results very fast!
But losing a healthy pound a week is what we can expect on 5:2.
I have learnt over the last six months that its about enjoying the journey along the way rather than racing to the destination! Make the most of every day x
Re: Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 10:24
Be patient Maria. It's 1lb a week sometimes less for me. Check out my progress tracker.
Re: Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 10:47
Hi Everyone

Thanks for your replies.............I was so happy to receive them.

I know I should be happy with 1 lb a week and I am happy really, it's just so little for so much effort - I suppose that's all I'm feeling. But it's so much better than loosing nothing so I'm not going to get down about it!!

I'm on my fast day today again; Monday and Wednesdays are my days! I will keep at it until I reach my target even if it is slow!! Maybe I will be extra extra careful on my feed days now as well.

Thanks for your support. It means everything.

Re: Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 12:46
It's a good thing to be slow and steady @MMM so that your body has time to adjust :fat: and as @callyanna said that's the average.
Re: Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 12:53
Thanks Auriga good advise.
This is the first time I added a message on this website and am inspired by the replies. So thank you.
Re: Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 14:20
:heart: @MMM :heart: Hi Maria and Welcome :heart:
At the beginning of my journey I did 4:3 simply to lose weight because I weighed in at 266lbs (19stones) I wanted a quick start so that I'd gain motivation and in the first 8 months I'd lost 50_lbs :heart: Brilliant two months later I still have roughly the same loss because my body is confused and shocked with my 3 days each week plus I was sometimes throwing in one or two semi/half fasts. My point being I so wish I could now lose the average 1lb each week or even a regular half, your body will do what IT wants to in the end so for now I've a delay before my other 50lbs comes off that's OK for me I'm chilled and resigned about it because there's nothing more to do but wait and accept matters and you younger lady are doing very well indeed just be patient and let your new WOL weave its magic on you because it will + does. :heart: Sue
Re: Weigh in
17 Feb 2014, 15:33
Hello MMM
If you are wieighing daily you may want to consider a trending app like libra. This will give you an average line through the weight points on your graph and you can see the trend going downwards (or up:shock:)
This might help and reduce the worry factor.
And don't forget to measure ! ;)
Re: Weigh in
18 Feb 2014, 08:16
Thanks for your replies, they inspire me!!!

Weighed myself this morning after my first weekly 'fast day'. Lost 2.25 lbs!! Yeay!!! My next fast day is Wednesday. Going by my stats I will go down my another 2 lbs by Thursday, following my second fast day, but then on my next 'weekly' weigh-in (which is what I really judge myself on) will be back to a sad little 1 lb overall loss, again. Nevermind - I suppose after having 3 weeks of this pattern I'm use to it now, but it was disheartening to see, for the first couple of weeks. It is however inevitable, when you eat so little and then go back to eating normally!! Still 1 lb is better than no lbs and it's going in the right direction - just going to take a long ol'time.

Love the support.

Thanks All. x
Re: Weigh in
18 Feb 2014, 08:43
Softly softly, gently gently, bye bye pounds of fat one by one a week! Remember to measure your waist and watch that shrink too :0)
Re: Weigh in
18 Feb 2014, 08:54
Keep up the good work :like: 1lb per week is fine.Any loss is good surely?
Like you I weigh myself daily.I also weigh and record food and calories and keep a food diary DAILY. 5:2 is supposed to eliminate the need for this,but I find that by glancing back through, seeing that on feed days I am keeping under my TDEE and weight gain from major feasts/celebrations come off within the week - keeps me on track. I have mostly done my 2 Fast days back to back Mon and Tues or Alternate Mon and Weds. I am doing the Easter Challenge but now my loss is slowing up :sleepy: I am aiming for 5lbs loss.(I'm 48yrs old 5ft 6 and weight fluctuates around 64.0 and 65.0kg-and I am down to a UK size 10 THE SMALLEST AND LIGHTEST IN 20yrs) :smile: :grin: :lol: 5:2 WORKS :wink:
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