Being Sick
04 Oct 2018, 15:19
This week has been incredibly tough! My boyfriend and I have been sick for a good majority of it and it has thrown everything for my fasting off. I mean I have been able to do the 8/16 no problem its the 600 calorie days that have been all sorts of crazy. I need to eat something to take the medicine that I have. I don't feel like eating for several hours, then all of a sudden I want to eat everything in the house. I will admit I went way over 600 calories the most recent fasting day I had, but that doesn't mean I can give up. i really like this diet because if I do skip a day for whatever reason, I didn't completely throw everything off, it just means I work harder towards my goals for next week. I was a bit frustrated when it first happened, but I can't let it bother me. It just means that I have to work harder the next day. Is there anyone else that has had this issue? I mean, surely there is, it is a popular diet. Does anyone have any tips or anything?