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Fasting and Beta Blockers
21 Dec 2015, 02:54
Hi All,
I take a beta blocker - Atenalol (50mg) - and I think it is making weight loss extra hard. A friend who is a doctor warned me that weight gain was the main reason many women go off these tablets and I can understand why. Not only have I put on a bit of weight I am finding it very hard to lose very much despite my efforts. When I mentioned this to the cardiac specialist he didn't really have much to say, it seemed like non issue to him . . . .
If any one else here is taking a beta blocker I'd love to hear about your fasting experience. I tried 5:2 before theses were prescribed with better results . .

Thanks in advance
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Re: Fasting and Beta Blockers
21 Dec 2015, 04:28
I have been prescribed propranalol for when my thyroid is too fast. I only take it when I'm hyperthyroid and it might be why I don't lose much weight at all when I'm hyperthyroid (you would expect that I would lose a lot). I lose weight most easily when my thyroid is behaving.

But you just made me think -- my husband has gained back 35lbs of the 50 pounds he lost fasting. He's had loads of stress at work and did have to go on a blood pressure medicine. I just assumed it was his overeating and his stress that was his downfall.


Do you have any other options? Have you tried a diuretic?
Re: Fasting and Beta Blockers
22 Dec 2015, 14:55
According to this from the Mayo Clinic, not all beta-blockers have this effect ... q-20058385
I've been taking a beta blocker for 30 years to prevent migraine (it works for me, unfortunately not for everyone) and during that time have been skinny and have been plump and have successfully lost weight. Currently I'm taking nadalol, generic for Corgard.

You might want to try taking another type of beta blocker, different from the one you are using.
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