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Greetings all! I have a question for those who tend to keep abreast of various researches around fasting etc...but first a little background, since it's been a while since I've done much posting about recent developments in my life.

After reaching goal weight about 18 months ago, I've been maintaining fairly easily with only a few low-key fast days. About 9 months ago, I had a bad bout of probable labarynthitis (complete with the complete twirly vertigo and associated nausea). After a week off work, I thought I was mostly over it...except that once a month, I would have a bout of either vertigo or disequilibrium. I also noticed my tinnitus was getting worse, and my hearing was off on one side. So finally I got a referral to an ENT to get it all checked out. I'm happy to say there's no tumour causing it, but my ENT is unable to give me a diagnosis; it may be Meniere's, but my hearing loss doesn't fit the classic pattern for it, so in the absence of any other practical tests to separate various vestibular/inner ear disorders, I have to live without a diagnosis. He wasn't able to prescribe much more than medication to control the vomiting associated with the vertigo. For the most part, it's not a problem, as it does happen only occasionally and I can usually fumble through the disequilibrium attacks until I can lie down and sleep it off.

Enough history, and back to the crux. Yesterday I did myself a proper fast day - 18 hours with only coffee/green tea and water until about 1pm when I had my traditional miso to perk me up for the afternoon, and then a vegi stirfry for dinner. However, after dinner, I felt the disequilibrium start, and I staggered off to bed before I could work up the motion sickness nausea, and slept it off.

So now to my question, and some ponderings. Has anyone read or heard anything related to fasting and Meniere's? I did a quick search of these forums and found one mention by @Philippa, but I don't think she's been on for a couple of years, and a quick google search hasn't netted me anything yet. The reason why I'm asking is that my research into Meniere's diet management suggests not only keeping sodium low, but also to eat regular meals and not skip. The idea behind it is that Meniere's could be exacerbated by fluctuating fluid levels in the body/blood. For now, I'm going to have to work with a bit of trial and error to see if anything diet related helps to control my vertigo bouts, but after last night I'm going to keep an eye on whether fasting (specifically my 18hr fasts) tends to set it off. I'm also keeping an eye on hormonal fluctuations as the previous monthly pattern starts to suggest that my cycle may play into it all too.

Many thanks for reading, and interested to find out if anyone's had any experience in this area.
Hi there,its so nice to see you and that great avatar again!
So sorry about the possible Menieres or similar..i have two friends with Menieresand i know thevertigo and nausea can be very difficult to live with. I hope they can get to the bottom of whats wrong and put it right for you x i have no knowledge to answer yr questions though :(
I hope someone who can answer will come along asap. i wonder if @caroreeswould be able to help advise you at whats best to do xx
Hi PeonyBlue,
I am around - just not regularly on the forum!
It took over 10 years for my Menieres diagnosis to be confirmed properly & then the specialists still were vague about it! From what I understand every case is different & what works for some doesn't for all. For me the main triggers are too much salt, being tired & rundown, stress & caffeine. So if all those happen at once I'm in trouble!!! Fasting did make me a little dizzy - but it didn't cause any major attacks. I've read a lot of theories over the years & tried different things. I think that for me a virus in the inner ear that lies dormant is a major factor. I take Lysine daily & when I don't I notice the difference - it seems to keep the virus in check. Lemon Bioflavinoides help with the feeling of pressure inside my ears - but they're very hard to get hold of. Google 'John from Ohio & Menieres' - he's got heaps of ideas. I am insulin resistant- so I don't think that helps much with the menieres - so I try to eat low carb most of the time. These days I am attack free most of the time & I can recognize when one is coming on - but I have very little hearing left in my right ear & am trying to preserve the hearing in my left ear as I have menieres in both ears! There's another natural medication that is mentioned by 'John from Ohio' that can help when you feel the dizziness coming on & it works for me. It's used by astronauts for vertigo but I can't remember what its called sorry. My advice to you would be to make sure you get heaps of sleep, cut down on the salt & read what 'John from Ohio' has to say. If I can be of any more help - please let me know. Good luck!
Thanks @philippa for all that info for PB..
Will pass it on to my two Menieres finds the medication useful,the other friend doesn't,so she may get some help from reading John from Ohio! X
Huge thanks Philippa for taking the time out to reply - it was really helpful to hear your experiences and knowledge. I know it's a bit if trial and error as to what's going to help most, and I am happy to hear that fasting hasn't been a trigger for you, and that you have been mostly attack free. I'm really keen to try and keep the attacks down - I can cope with the dizziness if I can keep the nausea down, but I am worried about my hearing getting worse - I'm already at moderate hearing loss in my right ear and I notice it's really hard to hear what kids are saying to me in the playground...and I'm too young for a hearing aid!

So for now, I'll try to keep with the 16-18 hour fasts, and cut back on the miso and soy sauce rich stir-fries and see how it goes. And maybe take up mediation again to try and control the stress :smile:
@peonyblue ive just seen a lovely pic of you in yr poppins coat,posted aug 2015,in the fashionista tent! X :like: you look tiny! X
Lol! Thanks CandiceMarie - I'd forgotten about posting the Poppins thing...must have been nearly a year ago, since it was from the school dance. Theme this year is "Pyjamas", so I don't think I'll be posting my costume this time round! Unfortunately it's been such a mild winter here, I've hardly had a chance to wear my lovely coat.
AND I haven't been able to post in the fashionista tent much, either! Having bought my first house, and saving for a UK trip later this year has meant that any other spending has been severely curtailed!
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