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April weigh in
30 Apr 2015, 08:52
It's the last day of April today...let's have your entry and exit data!

For me
Entered April at 64kg, exiting at 64.1kg. Average for the month: 64.1kg.
Max weight 64.9kg, min weight 63.7kg.
Waist has been steady at 70cm throughout.
Still a bit too near the top of my maintenance range to be completely comfortable but I shouldn't grumble I suppose!
Re: April weigh in
30 Apr 2015, 08:59
Entry 118 lbs, exit 119 lbs, average 118.76 lbs.
Highest 121 lbs, lowest 118 lbs.

Excellent, only one day above goal. :victory: :smile:
Re: April weigh in
30 Apr 2015, 15:57
April 1st:- 74.4kg
April 30th:- 75.1kg
Highest:- 75.6kg
Lowest:- 73.9kg
Average:- 74.75kg
Waist consistently measures 35".
Crazy month, mostly ill :~/
Re: April weigh in
30 Apr 2015, 17:02
I lost one and three quarter pounds early April..wdnt be surprised if some of it has returned over the last ten days( stress eating after cats accident ten days ago)
He's home now so it will be all systems go in May for weightloss :like:
Well done all April losers - you are winners! X
Re: April weigh in
30 Apr 2015, 19:24
In and out at the same weight 9st 5lbs fluctuations in between, but so far so good.
Re: April weigh in
30 Apr 2015, 21:19
Start weight 72.5 kg
End weight 71.8 kg
Loss 0.7 kg
Waist - 4 cm
Interesting month. Came back to fasting properly after a long break. Easter, dog died (no morning/evening walks + stress of grief), horrendous weather in NSW making it too dangerous to go out, weekend in Melbourne (good pubs!) and I flirted with @nursebean's DODO challenge.
Pleased with a 700 g loss and the reduction in waistline and resolved to commit to this WOE again as it does work for me if I just do it. Looking forward to a less stressful and eventful May to consolidate and build on my results.
Re: April weigh in
01 May 2015, 10:17
I do not mark every day on the tracker. Do it about once a week. So according to tracker:
April 5 51.8 kg
Last weigh in April 29th
52.9 kg
Lowest weight in April
51.5 kg, on 17th April, that was at the end of my Lenten Fast.
My 'goal weight' is 51.7kg, and maybe this time I'll try to maintain within a kilo of that either way (it always IS upwards, though!!!). Last week didn't fast at all :frown: . This morning, after a Thursday fast weighed 52.8 kg. So maybe have to fast on Tuesday again to get within the range. :smile: I feel quite happy about my weight right now.
Re: April weigh in
01 May 2015, 16:09
Started in April at 158.2 lbs
Ended at 156.4

So that's 1.8 pounds. For the first 3 weeks of April I was maintaining at 158 and that's my fault. I was overeating on my non-fast days and I wasn't working out. The last week of April I started counting calories, buying healthier things to eat, and started working out. And voila. Off came the weight. I am motivated now and have a gym membership so looking forward to a great May :-)
Re: April weigh in
02 May 2015, 09:21
Oh dear a disastrous month weight loss wise bouncing the same 2/3 pounds around up & down with lots of iffy fast days :confused:
1/4/15 12 stone 10 lbs
2/5/15 12 stone 11lbs
So overall up one pound but six since January.
Re: April weigh in
03 May 2015, 11:08
3/4 124
3/5 125.2
Top weight during month 128 - 5 days of DODO towards end of the month brought me back towards goal.
Re: April weigh in
04 May 2015, 12:05
April 6th Weight 11st 1.4lb % fat 30.1 ( that week was a bad one!)
May 4th Weight 10 st 12 % fat 29.2

Libra trend weight 1st April 152.5 1st May 151.4

So overall a better month for me :victory:
Re: April weigh in
04 May 2015, 20:14
In at 9st 1lb
Out at 9st
Went as high as 9st 3lb. I had a go at the dodo challenge and I'm sure it helped but it wasn't for me. I think I ate more bad things on my day offs because I really felt deprived, especially at weekends because I can't just pop out for a coffee and a cake or whatever during the week. If I didn't have it at a weekend then I didn't get it and it made me want it all the more so I'm pleased it's over, although it was a useful experiment. I'm going back to 5:2
Re: April weigh in
05 May 2015, 08:05
Entry 101 lbs, exit 101 lbs
Highest 103 lbs, lowest 100 lbs.

Waist: 22 - 23.5 inches

So different to the start of May :) Big inexplicable jump in scale weight and waist measurement. It will be interesting to see if this continues for the whole month (as has happened before) or it the size of the jump (rather than previous slow drifts) will eventually result in a faster downward adjustment.
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