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May weigh-in
30 May 2015, 10:03
How was everyone's May?

May saw the anniversary of me reaching target and I am still hovering just under my target weight, with quite a few ups and downs and a largeish range of weights, but the average not changing much. My waist has been the same for months though, which reflects the trend weight I guess.

May 1st: 63.9kg (trend 64.2), waist 70 cm
May 30th: 64.3kg (trend 64.4), waist 70 cm
Max for the month: 65.0kg, waist 70 cm
Min for the month: 63.6 kg, waist 70 cm.
Re: May weigh-in
30 May 2015, 10:09
I was on target this morning. Have been up and down- mainly up, but nothing mega. So I am pleased!
Re: May weigh-in
30 May 2015, 10:49
I am struggling at the moment a bit, but still pleased with maintaining. My upper range is - I guess - 52.7 kg
May 4 : 52.6kg
May 8: 51.9kg
May 22: 51.9kg
May 30: 52.5kg

Learning to maintain, I guess.
Re: May weigh-in
01 Jun 2015, 21:12
I was very hopeful at the beginning of the month, but the scales have me in quite a fit today. I was down to 154.6 lbs on May 27th. I don't know what happened but today I am back up to 158. I did lose an inch in my hips and waist and a little in my thighs. I know we shouldn't be so fixated on the scale, but that number really aggravates me. I have been eating fairly well (below TDEE). I think it was my alcohol splurges that threw a wrench into my progress. But I'm hoping it was all my strength training recently that created some muscle mass. Blah. Must keep keeping on, I suppose. Hope May treated everyone else much better.
Re: May weigh-in
03 Jun 2015, 18:31
Fastday Tracker : 4th May Weight 10st 12 ( 152lb) % fat 29.7 Waist 33.5"
1st June Weight 10 st 11.2 ( 151.2 lb) % fat 29.1 Waist 33"

Libra trend weight: 1st May 151.4 lb
1st June 150.6 lb

So still slowly going in the right direction.
Re: May weigh-in
03 Jun 2015, 20:05
Not entirely sure how to break this down so for May I will just add how much I lost.

May 1st 230lbs
May 31st 219lbs.

May went fairly well but I did have 2 birthday celebrations in the family and my Aunt came over from Canada for a month so there have been lots of family get togethers and meals. I gained 2/3lbs which I took off again plus I then gained 3lbs on the long weekend when I went to Angelsey for 3 nights. Thankfully I then lost that 3lbs, again! - tut.
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