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November weigh in results
11 Nov 2013, 12:40
Hi all

I have the results of the November weigh in:

34 people submitted their stats, with an average weight loss of 1.6kg over the month and an average waist reduction of 1.82cm.

The biggest loser was @CandiceMarie with a massive 7.27kg loss and the close runner up was @chickvic with almost as impressive 7kg loss. However, in terms of waist size reduction, @nursebean wins at 5.08cm, and again @chickvic narrowly missed out on the prize with her waist reduction of 5cm! Wow! Fantastic results people!

Thank you to all who posted, including those brave souls with no losses to report. We are all rooting for you, especially @Julieathome, @Azureblue and @Wendy Darling who were bottom of the leaderboard :-(

Next weigh-in is 7th December, keep it up folks!
Re: November weigh in results
11 Nov 2013, 13:07
Another month of fantastic results, well done and congratulations everyone! :like:

I somehow managed to miss the whole thread and thus didn't get my stats in; only realised today. :curse: Will pay more attention in December!

Thanks once again for all your work in collating the results Caroline. :heart:
Re: November weigh in results
11 Nov 2013, 13:40
We'll done everyone! Hope to be nearer top of the leaderboard next month :bugeyes:
Re: November weigh in results
11 Nov 2013, 18:54
Thanks Carorees for sorting that out, *sigh* always the bridesmaid never the bride LOL! Fantastic results from CandiceMarie and nursebean :grin: :clap: :party: :present:
Re: November weigh in results
11 Nov 2013, 19:16
And fantastic results from you , especially featuring in both categories- helping to keep the average up for the rest of us!
Re: November weigh in results
11 Nov 2013, 23:30
Some great result there. Well done biggest losers. I think I was quite close to the bottom last month so I've got my fingers crossed for this month. I'll never get anywhere near the top but I'm going to try to get a bit closer to you big losers. Well done and good luck this month everyone. :clover:
Re: November weigh in results
12 Nov 2013, 01:53
@AiriR just keep an eye close to early Dec and go to the announcements forum and usually the November Weight loss Thread is there to access rather than on the recent posts. How did you go with last month as your progress has been great as well
Re: November weigh in results
12 Nov 2013, 01:58
I was one of the 'put on weights' but there has to be some to keep the stats fair. I am thinking that is month will be a loss again though as I'm back on track.
Re: November weigh in results
12 Nov 2013, 07:26
Hey! I've only just noticed this! I won...hoorah! I never win anything so it's great to have the biggest waist drop...long may it continue!! Well done to everyone else :-)
Re: November weigh in results
12 Nov 2013, 07:31
Well done ladies :like: :dance:

Great incentive for December :grin:
Re: November weigh in results
12 Nov 2013, 08:42
Thanks @Carorees and @Wildmissus for your hard work collecting and collating
My good result will help me keep focused on an upward spiral rather than go snaking down a downward spiral! X
Well done peeps and keep fab fasting!
Re: November weigh in results
12 Nov 2013, 21:39
Thanks Caroline. I'm just not losing any weight at all now. However, Rawkaren told me about an iPad app that I have started to use which says that my ideal weight is 9st 5lb and seeing as I'm around that now, maybe I just won't lose any more, even though I would like to get down to 9st.

I am still enjoying this woe and to be honest, if I have to fast for two days a week and then 16:8 all the other weekdays just to maintain then I'd really be in trouble if I had carried on the way I was!! At least I found you all in the nick of time :smile:

I think it's important to help with your stats to declare my weight each month, so I will continue if that's ok. I am usually Mrs Average so it's quite exciting to be last at something :lol: are there any booby prizes on offer? :lol:
Re: November weigh in results
02 Dec 2013, 16:55
Hi @carorees. When do you plan to call for stats for the month? Not that I have much to report!
Re: November weigh in results
02 Dec 2013, 18:47
Yes, it's this weekend! I was just thinking I should post an announcement to remind everyone!
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