Bee's Progress
23 Feb 2013, 12:45
My last fast on Thursday did'nt go quite as I had expected. Breakfast and the rest of the day was fine but when I got to my evening meal I was so hungry I probably went to 800 cals the whole day.
However the extra was in the form of cereals and fruit, I think it's because the previous day I did'nt eat much as I was'nt feeling too good.
Looking at my feast days I don't eat as much as usual so I figure it will work out ok and I'm certainly not stressing about it.
Long term I am going for more fruit and veg, in fact I'm amazed how hard it is to get the 5 a day ! I heard on tv that some countries advocate 9 a day.
Just back from shopping and I got enough veg for some homemade soup which I'm looking forward to.