Hi! I know that many of us have found / find bathroom scale measurements motivating for losing weight and useful for helping maintain.

However, if this is not the case for you, the link below may be informative.

I found that although the scales worked well for me when I first started 5:2, they ended up doing the opposite - a decrease gave me an excuse to eat more, and an increase depressed me, and also led to me eating more! In a recent post, @Joestar has reported having similar reactions.

I worked out that I needed to manage my food intake based on how I felt hunger wise rather than what the scales were saying (and aiming to make good food choices most of the time) and to judge my success by my general wellbeing, and how clothes felt.

So I was pleased to see this article, forwarded by a forum friend, which said exactly what I had come to feel!

http://archive.aweber.com/awlist4260664 ... lf_can.htm

There are other useful links in the archive - a number of the August ones and one in September have videos on how to manage different sorts of food cravings.