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15 Jan 2014, 07:17
Hey @Moogie

At the end of last year I let my dieting go a bit due to work and holiday commitments - It was a big lapse but I needed to do it.

I am now about to start out again but this time will be doing things a bit different. After reading Krista's book I am quite keen to do ADF rather than 5.2.

I am not sure if that was an option when I set up the progress tracker initially but if it was is there any chance I could have my tracker reset?

If you want to archive my current results feel free to as I think they are still good statistically for 5.2

Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks, I'll see if there's any way I can easily archive your old stats - I think I'd have to make a spare account for them and assign the data to that. Nice idea to keep them though :) Will see what I can do later today and then will remove them from your account so you can start with a clean slate :)
:smile: Hi

I understand that you amalgamated all our progress trackers to provide data on how the 5:2 is working overall. I wonder if it might be possible to have a flag that we maintain ourselves so that we can exclude ourselves if we are being a bit 'deviant' such as doing 16:8 or ADF or intentionally maintaining as opposed to plateau-ing so we don't skew the figures? I dread to think how complicated the coding might be!
I've been working on a new version of the tracker and I guess it should be possible for me to add an option to opt-out of the overall stats so I'll bear that in mind thanks :) As for if you're intentionally maintaining, just select that you are 'aiming to maintain' when you add your weigh in data, and it will be omitted from the overall stats so as not to skew anything.

5:2, 4:3 or ADF can be specified when you set up your tracker, so the stats are filterable accordingly, however 16:8 wasn't included as this is mainly an option for maintenance rather than loss. Perhaps I should look at including it in the next tracker version and possibly the ability to specify diet type on a per weigh in basis. I've got a lot more planning and coding to do for that of course and had put the project on hold over the holidays and while prepping to move.
Hi @Moogie yes, I think adding 16:8 to the options for weight loss would be useful, also the ability to combine more than one fasting method as a few people are using 5:2 with 16:8.

Just in case you didn't have enough to do! :wink:
It could get really quite complicated if people are selecting multiple methods, working out how exactly to divvy up the stats - unless we only keep like with like as we do now I guess, but then I'd have to have options for every possible combination, ie ADF/4:3/5:2 with 16:8 etc. It may just overcomplicate things and not tell us much due to the relatively small sample we'll have of users using combined methods. Adding 16:8 sounds like a plan but maybe for the others we could just have a broad option like "other fasting methods" or "combination of the above".
@TBrewerton I have now assigned your tracker data to a 'spare' account (tracker-tbrewerton-u13697/) so the data can be kept in the overall stats. You should find you are now able to set up a fresh new tracker on your account :)
Moogie wrote: @TBrewerton I have now assigned your tracker data to a 'spare' account (tracker-tbrewerton-u13697/) so the data can be kept in the overall stats. You should find you are now able to set up a fresh new tracker on your account :)

Thanks @Moogie - you are a star!
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