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Nothing to see here! Shoo! :)
So, I am still in the NRU group, the above approved post has not incremented my count at all and I suspect this reply will also need approving.

Note to self - the first post was approved using the tickbox on the main list of posts for approval. Try another one approving individually instead of via the list and see if it makes a difference.
Approving individually has made no difference at all and the post count has still not incremented. Still not in the registered users group.
Tried approving that one without sending a notification, still the same result.
The one above was approved via viewing it in-topic, still no joy. Will five times be the charm? If not, I'll test out manually changing the group.
New test, this time I have been added to both the NRU and RU groups. Will this fix the problem once this post gets approved?
Yes, the count has incremented!! So now I'm guessing when I post this, no approval will be needed.
Sorry to butt in, can you look to see if you can start a new blog too?
Have now swapped the default group for this user...

(Hi Caro! Will check this once I have the group set properly for this user, blogs can only be posted once a post has been approved - ie when the user has moved to RU instead of NRU xxx)
Setting the group default to RU has not helped.
NRU was however the default and perhaps should not have been. Will test with a new user in a bit. Will now delete from NRU and see how posting goes.
Removed manually from NRU - this post shouldn't need approval. Now to test with a new user account, who is not defaulted to NRU but is in NRU and RU.
Oh poop, typo'd the name on this new test account. I'm now Mooge!
Anyway, have added this account to NRU and RU from the get-go. Let's see if this works.
Okay, well that defo incremented my post counter. Can I now post freely without need for approval?! *fingers crossed*
Looking at my other forum, RU should be default, but member in both NRU and RU.
Attempting a post now this account is RU (default) & NRU. (maybe try this again with posts reset to 0?)
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