Here's a third IDM link showing the results of snacking extending a now-familiar graphic from yesterday. ... sity-xiii/

In this graphic snacking extends the insulin-initiated storage of fat between meals to "eat up" the time once used for burning fat. See that odd bump around 3 am? Seems that this simulated person raids the refrigerator in the middle of the night!

A quote from the link:

"In making the proper food choices, we talk all the time about “What to Eat”. That is – process vs unprocessed, low fat vs high fat, high carb vs low carb etc. The question nobody seems to have even noticed is “When to Eat?

The reason is that our unhealthy preoccupation with calories leads us to the erroneous conclusion that only the first question matters. ... Eating all the time leads to persistent insulin levels which is a key ingredient in insulin resistance."