I chose the option of changing mind mid fast and doing it another day. Sometimes it just ain't gonna happen. I was trying to do Mondays & weds which seemed to work ok last year but now I am really active on my Tuesdays - gym, running around doing shopping & chores etc- and I don't get so hungry the day after a fast, on weds it catches up with me and I 'm starving! I am now fasting Mondays & Fridays when I work all day & its easier. But I don't think I ever stick entirely to the 500 cals - it's probably more like 6-700, although I don't count. At the moment it's working and I'd rather eat a little more than 500 cals & be able to carry on with my daily life than try &stick to the 500, feel too hungry to function and then feel awful for caving in. An extra oatcake or cheese triangle won't make me pile on the weight but might just get me through the day. I think my increased exercise has increased my metabolism but unfortunately my appetite has grown to match, so fasting is helping me lose the extra pounds I put on through 'exercise eating', and I am finding a way to fit in the fasts and the exercise. The weight loss is slower second time around but my body is so much more toned & strong.

One thing that I hated about doing weight watchers (and I'm sure other diets are the same), was when you went over points and had to try and 'claw back' by eating less the next day, which just made it feel like you were always making up for the previous weekend. This way of eating is so much more flexible. Incidentally, I have switched tomorrow's fast day to today as I'm out for dinner tomorrow, but my stomach is already rumbling like mad so I might do 2 half days. Or not at all, just eat healthily until I go out. It doesn't stress me out any more, which is the most important part of it for me.