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Which days are your fast days?

Poll ended at 26 Sep 2014, 18:09

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I do ADF (alternate day fasting)
I vary my days each week
Every day (feeding window, eg 16:8, Fast5 etc)
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Which days are your fast days?
19 Sep 2014, 18:09
In a bid to learn a bit more about our community's fasting habits, motivations and other interesting foody/fasting stuff we're going to be running a poll each week and would appreciate it if you could take a moment to cast your vote on the matter!

For our second poll, we are asking:

Which days are your fast days?

Feel free to reply to explain your answer further, ie why you have chosen those days or why and how you vary them!

Over to you!
To get things started, I used to do Mon & Thu but since I got put on Warfarin I've had to change this to fit around my blood tests. On weeks with blood tests I do Wed & Fri, but on a 'normal' week I'll go back to Mon & Thu.
I'm 4:3 so I fast M, W, F and have done ever since an induction period of ADF. I chose these days because they're a good match to my social and sports commitments at the weekend. I'm a keen kayaker and for most of the season we have to observe hypothermia protocols - and this includes eating/drinking when instructed by a group leader. I don't find it practical to keep within FD kcal allotments on such days so it's more straightforward to be able to eat non-fast day kcals allowances, where necessary.

tbh, I usually try to make either the Saturday or Sunday a 50% of my TDEE day (MD in my mind) if one of them is free of social/sports arrangements - particularly if I need a little extra wiggle room on a FD.
I go for Monday and Thursday. For me it breaks up the week nicely.
Monday and Thursday works great for me, but at times like now, when I have a vacation coming up and want to be able to eat for a week without fasting, I will switch things around so that I can get an extra fast day in here and there so that I've already done the fasting for the vacation week before the vacation starts.

It's a bit stressful, but it makes the vacation guilt free.
I am 4:3ing on Mon Wed & Friday as a modified ADF because of trying to further reduce calories during the week enabling me to relax more over the weekend. My OH has continued with Mon & Friday. I now usually also don't eat breakfast on any day so 16:8 as well. I lose weight so slowly & need to keep going on trying to continue to lose weight that I do need to have freeer weekends or I would lose heart & give up altogether.
I don't fast when my thyroid is a mess as it makes me feel even worse. I suspect that the fast metabolism that makes me so ravenously hungry may be causing blood sugar issues or something when I don't eat enough. As I'm coming down closer to normal (last test showed only twice normal, hurrah!), I'm starting to skip breakfast and push lunch off later a couple of days a week.

I'm hoping to start fasting again after my next blood draw
I am doing the 4:3 fast on Mon, Wed, Friday. If I have a trip planned or vacation I add an extra fast day in between. It is kind of hard to do 3 days in a row but I have and it makes my vacation so much more enjoyable. No worries about what I eat!
I chose Monday and Thursday because they are the days I have my strength class and then I scheduled my library volunteer shifts for those days, too. Keeping too busy to think about food is the key for me. I'm retired, so it's important for me to stay aware of scheduling.
I used to do Monday and Thursday but have recently changed to Monday and Wednesday as they are my busiest days and that makes it easier.
I am maintaining but use one or both days if I go over my preferred weight range (Monday/Thursday)
I'm just 16:8 at the moment due to my schedule and do just one 24 hour zero calorie fast a week. I eat in the early part of the day as I work out, but close the kitchen at 3pm.
I fast Mon and Thurs and on the odd occasion I need to change, well I'm right out of kilter! Really surprised by that as I'd always considered myself as a pretty flexible type of being. Wrong! Or perhaps I just got something right that is good for me?
Mondays and Thursdays for me. Mondays feel good if I have overdone it a bit at the weekend and Thursday's are just before the start of the weekend. I also do16:8 every day. It just feels right. I had a lovely brunch today at midday and am not at all hungry for dinner yet.
I fast on Mondays and Wednesdays usually.
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