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Re: Poached eggs and ...what?
04 Feb 2014, 16:57
Drooling again. Smashing ideas, the toast might get the heave in favour of some of these. Later, when I'm back 5:2 ing or 4:3 ing. 16:8 ing just now for the indulge and bulge tour. Hope it is indulge with no bulge though...
Re: Poached eggs and ...what?
21 Feb 2014, 13:52
Foul mesdames! How did I forget about this wonderousness!
Re: Poached eggs and ...what?
23 Feb 2014, 20:35
So, this isn't poached eggs, but here is one of my favorite egg and low carb meals:

Chop up some cabbage and saute in a bit of butter
Scramble some eggs, and pour over top of the cabbage once it's as cooked at you like it.

Very easy, very filling, very low carb. Depending on how much you make, this is good for a fast day meal or a feast day meal. Sometimes I add onions, or mushroom, garlic, or whatever.

Another favorite way I eat eggs: scramble, add some salsa (like a few tablespoons) top with cheese. Again, depending on how much you make, it works for fast or feast days.

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