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Re: Coconut oil and butter
26 Jul 2013, 10:13
KataMac wrote: Here's a recipe to make coconut butter: ... z2a1YGeJbC
It gives your blender an extreme workout (even more so than peanut butter or dairy butter) and tbh I've only made it once, and decided I'm happy with the oil.

Interesting - I've made it this way once before, and used flakes as we don't seem to be able to get shredded coconut here (we have desiccated which is a poor relation, catches in your throat but is useful). I wasn't sure if I had actually made coconut butter, delicious as it was. but looking at these pictures I certainly had.

My food processor wasn't overly taxed by it (not like say, putting a load of raw almonds or frozen banana chunks in, both of which happen regularly!) so I would make it again, especially now it's warmer. I think the one thing that disappointed me about it was that whilst it was lovely and runny straight from the processor, it set like rock in our cold, northern kitchen and I had to carve it out of the jar for my porridge. It may work better now.

I feel a kitchen session coming on!!!
Re: Coconut oil and butter
26 Jul 2013, 20:47
clairemarie wrote: guitar1969, one tablespoon of oil is 120cals. that and a cup of black hot coffee in the blender keeps you full all day. On some fast days that 120cals is a good investment.

140lbs, I tried coconut water and didn't like at all. I will try the coconut milk idea.Thanks

Not exactly - Bulletproof Coffee is a special organic coffee(But I just use a good quality coffee instead), but includes 2 Tablespoons of Unsalted Grass Fed Butter (Which is about 260 Cals) and one Tablespoon of MCT Oil (Which is what is in Coconut Oil), or you can substitute Coconut Oil for the MCT but it is not as potent as the pure MCT Oil Only about 60% of it). So all in all the drink is about 400 calories. It all good quality fats, and is supposed to really increase your metabolism, but its all the fat that gives you the full feeling. I do drink it on occassion on fast days to coast through my day, and then I have small snack for dinner as I don't have much left in calories.

Coconut Water does not have the same health benefits as coconut oil - different part of coconut - Its the MCT oil that you need for the increase of metabolism and fat burning Coconut Water is good for hydration after excercise - Similar to sports drinks for electrolyte replenishment. The problem is wasting of calories for fasting. The research I have done on coconut water is there really is no benefit over Gatorate type drinks, but I would never drink it for weight loss or on a fast day.
Re: Coconut oil and butter
26 Jul 2013, 23:41
Jeniben, I use a can of coconut milk. I buy the stuff with the highest %age of coconut ingredient, and the least additional additives. Some cans are as low as 28% coconut milk, which is no use. At the moment I am using Aldi brand, with 79% coconut, and at less than £1 a can, it is competitively priced.....hope this doesn't cause the Della effect, ha.ha.
Re: Coconut oil and butter
16 Sep 2013, 22:08
Julieathome wrote: I couldn't find my original list but here is "333 uses for coconut oil". ... t-Oil.html

A brilliantly informative link. One I read with great interest. I had no idea that c-oil had so many uses and strengths. Having only recently purchased my first jar I am only now beginning to make these discoveries. Your link will guide me. So pleased you included it in your post.
One question: what is the calorie count for, say, 1 teaspoon of Holland & Barratt's virgin c-oil? They make no mention of calories on the jar and I don't know how to count it in my daily allowance.
Re: Coconut oil and butter
16 Sep 2013, 22:27
My jar says 14g (1 tablespoon) is 130 cals.
Re: Coconut oil and butter
17 Sep 2013, 07:48
Betsygr8: Thank you so much for this very swift response. At least I now know I should not go too mad with it in my coffee etc. (I'm surprised my jar displays no such information.) It's raining here. Hope it is better weather over there. Thanks again.
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