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With old hand I mean the large group of fasters who started doing 5:2 in 2013-14, had quite a bit of success with it, were very active on this forum, but then stopped checking in. It could be that you continued 5:2, 6:1, TRE, etc and didn’t need the support of the forum or that it was getting harder to fast regularly and slowly put some weight on and avoided this way of eating (and this forum). In recent years we had the Blood Sugar Diet and now the Fast 800. I’ve started the latter three weeks ago as my weight had slowly crept up, despite continued exercise. I also found 500 calories fast days too hard. This time I’m combining TRE (food only between 1pm-7pm), with low calories and low carbs and it’s going very well. We are doing it Monday-Wednesday quite strictly and then ease a bit the other four days. We have more carbs on the weekend, and alcohol, but still try to limit them and eat more vegetables than ever before. Anyone else who has made the move?
The board has really died down. I have actually switched to WW, which is working really well for me. But I still do 16:8 most days and am actually thinking of fasting one day again until dinner, just to jump start things a bit!
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