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With old hand I mean the large group of fasters who started doing 5:2 in 2013-14, had quite a bit of success with it, were very active on this forum, but then stopped checking in. It could be that you continued 5:2, 6:1, TRE, etc and didn’t need the support of the forum or that it was getting harder to fast regularly and slowly put some weight on and avoided this way of eating (and this forum). In recent years we had the Blood Sugar Diet and now the Fast 800. I’ve started the latter three weeks ago as my weight had slowly crept up, despite continued exercise. I also found 500 calories fast days too hard. This time I’m combining TRE (food only between 1pm-7pm), with low calories and low carbs and it’s going very well. We are doing it Monday-Wednesday quite strictly and then ease a bit the other four days. We have more carbs on the weekend, and alcohol, but still try to limit them and eat more vegetables than ever before. Anyone else who has made the move?
The board has really died down. I have actually switched to WW, which is working really well for me. But I still do 16:8 most days and am actually thinking of fasting one day again until dinner, just to jump start things a bit!
And another 'Old hand' reporting from long absence. Sorry I can't help on the 800. I'm still using very traditional (5:2) 600 fasting days if needed to maintain. Currently in winter (speed-skating) season, which means burning enough calories, so no need to fast, but did some in summer. Main reason to glare at the forum has always been the use of the tracker, so while it was not working I have kind of lost appetite to come by and enter posts. But it's working again! :victory:
So I will be luring more often in the future, perhaps to hear more about some old friends
Meanwhile I celebrated 6 year of maintenance two weeks ago, so 10 years will be the next milestone :lol:
Good to hear @PJ-K that you managed to maintain even though the tracker was down. It sounds like a weak excuse but not having the weekly ‘required’ tracker update , which I did religiously every Friday, made me ignore the slow weight increase I experienced. My fasts were halfhearted and more snacking started to happen, etc. I needed the Fast800 and its recipe book to get me back on track. I’m pleased to say that I’m back to my maintenance stage that I reached with 5:2 by late 2015. For me it was just a case of resetting habits. in South Australia it starts to warm up but thankfully the gyms are well airconditioned and the dog likes an early walk on the beach. Enjoy the start of the winter season, Schaatsen, Sinterklaas, chocoladeletters, banket, pepernoten, etc (I was born in N-Holland).
Can we have processed stuff or just fresh food while doing the fast 800?
I think I’m an ‘old hand’. I joined in 2013 and lost about 27kg and kept it off for a while, but have now regained most of it back, much to my chagrin. I have tried the Fast 800, but it took me 6 weeks to lose a stone (I may have been expecting too much, but people seemed to be losing way more than that). Also my biggest problem was that I had no energy at all and that never seemed to improve - some days it was like trying to walk through treacle. I have also done really low carb and saw my previously normal cholesterol go up to 7. With lockdown and the strange world we live in that hasn’t helped my eating control either. So - this evening I came back on here. I recognise some names, but it seems the board is very quiet. However I remember how much support and info I got from this board in its heyday so I am going to go back to the twice a week, 500 cal a day fasting. It worked really well for me before. I am going to use the tracker again (I got such a kick out of logging my weight each Thursday and watching the graph develop downwards.

Anyhow sorry to ramble but nice to see some of you back and I will do my first fast day on Monday. Wish me luck! [incompatible emoji removed]
I’ve just started this week. Have been doing the 5:2 since 2013 and weight has crept back up. Mostly due to excess at the weekend! I’m trying to do 2 weeks of 800. My wife started the 800 a week before me and she is doing the calorie count and the recipes. I’ve lost about half a stone so far but she is in the second week and has started to slow the weight loss.
Laughing is the best calorie burner :lol:
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