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Bean a while :)
25 Jun 2016, 11:57
Thanks for reaching out to me@Stowgateresident :smile:
Re: Bean a while :)
25 Jun 2016, 11:59
Goodness, it shows how long its bean - pressed the wrong key and whoosh its posted ...... back to writing my post, see you in a little while :dazed:
Re: Bean a while :)
25 Jun 2016, 12:29
Hello, hello
So, here I am and it feels great to be back. I've yet to tread the threads and catch up. I hope everyone is well.
Where have I bean? Briefly - 2016 arrived and brought with it a pesky life challenge where you need to invest everything you have in number one.
On the fasting front, I reduced to one a week and managed to maintain through all the challenges. Still low carb, for health reasons - it inflames ye old arthritis and I feel so much healthier too.
Thanks again Stowgateresident, that was very kind of you and I'm delighted to see you continue to succeed with drive, passion and a smile :smile: well done you.
Off to register with the maintainers ....and then for a chop and chin wag at the hairdressers.
See you later folks :lol:
Re: Bean a while :)
25 Jun 2016, 13:36
Good to see you back!! Glad to hear you're doing well :-)
Re: Bean a while :)
25 Jun 2016, 13:47
Good to see that you are still with us and doing well.
Re: Bean a while :)
25 Jun 2016, 16:22
Nice to see you back
Re: Bean a while :)
25 Jun 2016, 20:22
Hello @lizbean, welcome back and good work on the maintenance front :victory:
Re: Bean a while :)
26 Jun 2016, 21:55
Hello lovely @lizbean!

So nice to see you on here! Sending you a huge hello hug! Sorry to hear you've been dealing with a 2016 curveball - I hope all is much better in your world now. I've recently returned once more....and naturally, my main goal is to get to the hallowed halls of maintenance! Hope it's not too crowded when I eventually arrive, ha ha!

Do drop by again soon if you can. You've always been so kind, supportive and encouraging...which are such wonderful qualities. I miss seeing you on here, but at the same time, I know you are a busy lady. It's just that I value what you say....

Any low-carb, low cal advice would be gratefully received - what constitutes a treat in your book? Please don't say anything eggy though.....!!!!! Detest eggs with undiluted passion......

Please look after yourself xxx
Re: Bean a while :)
26 Jun 2016, 23:58
So happy you're here again Bean,you were missed!
Only the other day I was asking our other Bean,nursybean,where you could have got to
Sorry life hasnt bean too kind lately...hope things are on the up now xx
Re: Bean a while :)
28 Jun 2016, 19:42
Good to see you again - I had also missed seeing your cheery wave
Re: Bean a while :)
29 Jun 2016, 08:40
Hi honey, good to see you :like: :grin: :smile:
Re: Bean a while :)
02 Jul 2016, 06:41
Oh how lovely to hear from my old Bean @Lizbean!! Hope everything is ok with you now xx
How lovely to have you back on board again - and maintaining now too!
Bean Power!! xxxx :cool: :heart:
Hi Moogie and friends

I'm sorry for my absence, yet another year. My daughter has been very unwell, suffering emotional dysregulation disorder. I thought I'd lose her, it's been a heart breaking journey, she's in a better place now, working towards a life that works for her. So, I've spent my time on another great forum like FastDay is, as Ambassador, learning and supporting parents.

It's so good to be back, off for a wander round the new house, :)

Very best wishes to everyone.

Lizbean x
Re: Bean a while :)
07 Oct 2017, 22:04
Dear @Lizbean

You have had a very distressing and challenging year. Your daughter was fortunate to have you to support her, hope you have had personal support too and have been able to look after yourself.

Best wishes for a better year ahead for you all. :clover: :heart: :smile:
Re: Bean a while :)
15 Oct 2017, 11:04
Dear @Lizbean

Welcome back! I am sorry to hear that you and your daughter have had such a distressing time. No wonder that you have not had time to hang around here! I hope that your daughter is receiving the treatment that she needs and how like you to be involving yourself on a forum to help others! I hope that you have been able to take some time for yourself amidst your worries over your daughter's health.

It is lovely to see your cheery wave again! Don't be a stranger! :heart: :heart: :smile:
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