I've been reading this, and while I'm not through it yet, it's a great read! I have heard some of her conclusions "around" (probably sourced from her), but this book presents it all in an organized and easy to read format. Unlike many "academic" books, you feel like she's talking to you, not that you're wading through boring data...yet she has everything carefully footnoted and research is backed up. I think this would be especially valuable for those who still feel guilty for their weight, like it's "all their fault." Yet she doesn't "let us off the hook" entirely; she gives a lot of great advice/suggestions on how to live at the low end of your set point. I got this from the library, but will purchase if I can find a discounted copy. One strategy she suggests is how to create healthy habits and not feel deprived or like you can't eat what you want, just how to be more in control and eat healthy when you want...unhealthy/indulgent when you want. She also discusses "i-intentions" (implementation intentions), which I "intend" to implement! :grin: