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Keto diet - good and bad
17 Apr 2018, 11:03
I thought this blog post was interesting. @Sassy1 - I'm sure you'll agree with it! It breaks down the pros and cons of the keto diet. And I have to say, the advice she gives for how to lose weight successfully, does seem to be basically what I'm trying to do! ... about-keto
Re: Keto diet - good and bad
17 Apr 2018, 13:46
You are right of course, @cblasz, the article does reflect many of my beliefs. :razz: :cool: So will you no longer be trying to go low carb?! :grin:

Interesting also that the author suggests windows eating, but still three meals a day.
Re: Keto diet - good and bad
17 Apr 2018, 14:37
Jillian is one of the two hosts of Biggest Loser - an advocate of calories in calories out. The one question she needs to answer is why there's never been (and never will be) a reunion show.
Re: Keto diet - good and bad
17 Apr 2018, 15:54
She says to eat every few hours, so that doesn't have to be a meal. I am not trying to do Keto, which is 20-50 grams of carbs. I stay under 100 g of carbs, which still includes fruits and some whole grains. But reduces sugar, etc.

I don't think Jillian is to blame for TBL. And if you read the post, she offers a sensible approach, not like that used on TBL. And actually there have been some "Where are they now" shows!
Re: Keto diet - good and bad
19 Apr 2018, 06:24
Fair enough @cblasz (re the carbs). But Jillian did say eat a balanced meal every 4 hours, which would equate to 3 meals a day. I agree with your comments re TBL. I never watched these shows, but my impression is that the approach was pretty tough - huge drop in cals and huge increase in exercise. I am not surprised most contestants ended up regaining the weight they lost. One thing I did disagree with in the article was that women should drop their cals to 1200 to lose weight. If the woman is very overweight, then I would think a graduated approach to losing weight would be better - perhaps drop to whatever cals are needed to support an interim goal weight.
Re: Keto diet - good and bad
20 Apr 2018, 01:30
Got 10 minutes?

Here's a link to a short video that shows what a typical keto day meals might look like. Yes, Mark Sisson sells books, food products and supplements but ignoring those it is easy to see how the combinations and variety might fit into alternative menu options. ... e-of-keto/
Re: Keto diet - good and bad
20 Apr 2018, 06:25
I had a look at the video, but have to admit I did skip through it a bit - I do prefer to read than listen! I don't dispute that Mark is no doubt very healthy on his way of eating, and so might many people be. But I still feel there are more nutritionists who advocate for whole grains, starchy veg and a wide range of fruits as part of a regular diet - and so I go with the majority!!

Having carbs works for me. I sleep better and I no longer have problems with my digestive system now that I have a sandwich with small side salad for lunch rather than the type of salad Mark advocates, which is reasonably similar to what I used to have.

It does seem as if different things will work for different people, and so we have to try to find what works best for ourselves.

As I have said before, if everyone just cut out (or at least minimised) added sugar products, society would be a lot healthier without the need for further restrictions on diet. And there would be far less packaging waste. But it ain't gonna happen - too many $$$ associated with processed foods production and marketing...
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