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Re: Kind of new girl!
06 Apr 2018, 16:00
Welcome back, @LilSmiler. Like the others, I remember you from way back when! There was certainly plenty going on in the forum in those days - not so much now, sadly! However, there are still a few of us waving the 5:2 flag and it's always good to welcome old friends back. :smile:
Re: Kind of new girl!
09 Apr 2018, 00:47
Ended up only doing one fast last week... :( i did so well on the Friday - meant to be my second fast - until 3pm when I couldn't resist the wine.. then the nuts.. then dinner (which was at least healthy, proper sausages with lots of veggies and salad) and then the left over easter egg chocolate..!!!!!
Saturday and Sunday weren't dissimilar; with lots of beers and wine, Mcdonalds :frown:, antipasto platters, bbq meats with salads, more chocolate, noodles, cheese and biscuits etc etc etc.. you get the point :p

Am fasting again today and am determined to do Monday/Thursday this week. I'm currently 16 hours at 0 this Monday morning, have had salt and a litre of water. Have a salmon and avocado salad for lunch at about 300 calories and soup at home for dinner if I feel I need it.

Lil :heart:
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