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strange goings on
18 Jan 2019, 05:10
Well guys,

Curiouser and curiouser as they say. I completed my first ever water-only fast yesterday - I won't say it was a doddle, but it was a whole lot easier than I had imagined. I thought I never could go without any food for 36+ hours (38 in total) but I did and all in all felt less hungry than on a 'normal' 500 kcal fast. The plan is to make one of my weekly fasts a water-fast only. And yes, I did take supplements. Any ideas about supplements on water-fast days or on 'normal' fast days or indeed on feast days are most welcome. A good weekend to all of you.
Re: strange goings on
19 Jan 2019, 23:49
The short answer is that fasting re-awakens our ability to use our stored fat as the backup energy source nature always intended to be.

The use of supplements during fasting is unnecessary because of the (typically) short duration. During considerably longer fasts the body has an amazing ability to recycle itself, reducing the need for it.
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