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If you're ever tempted to have just one more (or two, or three) the day before fast day - rethink!

It's nearly evening meal time and I still fell dreadful. I just had a bit of a sneaky biscuit and decided to be kind to myself and have just a few extra calories tonight - not many but enough to make me feel a bit better
Oh my i totally feel your pain!!! i did this on my first fast, dont ask why ? as i really have no explanation as to why i thought that was a god idea. longest day ever!!! i did it though , lol never again!
The trick is to drink so much that you feel far too illto even look at food the next day. That way fasting is a doddle!

I'm joking... Sort of. ;-)
I like your style Teresab!
Teresab - well there's a thought! Mousie - but that's part of the great attraction of 5:2 - couldn't you have just decided to switch days and if food would have helped with the hangover cure then just treated it as a feast day :lol: Don't think I could cope with a hangover on a fast day - so well done you for surviving so long.
Hi Mousie,
Hope u made it through the day ok.
I did this myself in week 2 and it was painful.
Now I've imposed a no alcohol rule on all nights bar Friday and Saturday.
I find I actually really enjoy my 2 (large) glasses of wine a lot more
and overall I'm drinking a lot less.
Being able to enjoy a few tipples , guilt free,is definitely one of the pros of this diet!
Normally have a wee glass or three on Fri and Sat night, but since starting this (on week 4) have cut down on my intake, as don't really want the munchies both that night, or the next day.
I know this WOL allows one to burst out of routine without guilt, but generally don't really feel the need anymore.
Don't get me wrong, I have not become a complete slave to healthy eating, and don't count calories at the weekend but would rather eat something truly enjoyable and savour every bite....
I hear you, hangovers on a fast day are soooo painful. Unfortunately it hasn't stopped me ending up with one one a few occasions - last Weds being the latest occurrence. I did find that black coffee helped a lot and in the end just battling through. Hopefully a lesson for next time. Overall though the avoidance of fast day hangovers does help cut down the booze intake generally - though convinced I binge drink more on some of the feast days - not least because it feels like I can handle more drink. Hopefully repair mode helps undo some of the damage *wishful thinking* :-)
I did survive. I had a few more calories than planned (about 600) but figured that it was OK. I slept for 10 hours last night and got up this morning full of beans :)
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