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ADF and overeating
03 Nov 2013, 12:04
Hi everyone!

Does anyone else do ADF and find they overeat on non-fast days? I have been doing ADF for about 8 weeks now and found it totally manageable... but I think because I restrict myself so much so often I may overeat on my fast days? I always eat 2000 calories and sometimes up to high 2000s when I am drinking. Has anyone got any advice as to whether this is healthy and if they had the same issue, did they switch to 4:3 or 5:2 and find they didn't want to eat as much on feast days?


Re: ADF and overeating
03 Nov 2013, 12:18
Hi I believe many of us ''think'' we're overeating on our feed days :like: if you're loosing weight/inches then nothings wrong at all especially if your tdee is 2000 have you entered your stats to get your tdee you can keep it private if you wish. I'be been doing 4:3 for 6 months now but at the beginning I wondered the same as you and I'm well chuffed with my results so chill + enjoy :clover: Sue. :clover:
Re: ADF and overeating
03 Nov 2013, 12:21
Hi. I have been counting recently and found that generally I don't overeat and then about once every couple of weeks, I do (generally driven by alcohol). I have ADF'd a couple of times (generally when I'm doing serious 'repair' work) and find the opposite, ie I'm more conscious of what I eat on feed days.
Re: ADF and overeating
03 Nov 2013, 13:14
thanks guys! my tdee is actually 1439 so i am exceeding it by quite a bit on my feast days...
Re: ADF and overeating
03 Nov 2013, 13:26
Are you losing? My TDEE is 1454 now and if I go over, it shows on the scales :curse:
Re: ADF and overeating
03 Nov 2013, 15:51
You could experiment a bit and try either 4:3 or 5:2 and make a mental note of how hungry you are on feast days and therefore how likely you are to eat a bit extra...but if you're seeing good results at the moment then it must be working for you and I wouldn't worry about it too much :smile:
Re: ADF and overeating
03 Nov 2013, 17:23
I have done quite a bit of alternate day fasting. I think in the early stages it felt like there was a lot of overeating and maybe even some binges on non-fast days. But, it improved over time. Dr Johnson, who wrote one of the more popular books on ADF, says that around week 8 there is an improvement brought about by sirtuin enzymes and the Sirt1 gene that makes ADF work better and makes it easier for you to stick with it. I don't know much about these enzymes and it has been a while since I have read the details in his book; but, I do agree that it was around that time that my body seemed to adjust better to the fasts.
Re: ADF and overeating
03 Nov 2013, 17:26
Before I reached target I fasted on a Monday and a Wednesday. On the Tuesday I always felt REALLY hungry and often went over my calories. Whether it was my body trying to catch up or whether it was because I knew I had another fast the very next day, I don't know.... I was always better on the Thursday, when I just felt relieved that I could eat "normally" for 4 days through to Sunday, but Tuesdays were definitely a struggle.
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