Do you splurge on weekends?
01 Oct 2017, 12:12
I am very good during the week. I do 16:8 and reduced carb (under 100g), it's pretty easy most of the time because I am working and don't have much time to eat and am stuck with the food I bring. The weekends though are a different story. I have a lot more time and i often have some sort of social plans that involve food. So, I tend to splurge on the weekends.

I was just kinda eating whatever I wanted on the weekends. But lately I've been trying to be a little more careful though, because I don't want to ruin my work during the week!

I think by splurging some, it helps me to stay on track during the week. Also, I think it's good for my body to mix it up some and get some extra calories in, because sometimes my calories are pretty low during the week. The other thing is that I have more time to exercise on the weekends to make up for it!

This weekend I had no social plans (which was kinda nice for a change.) I'm still splurging, but it's much more controlled and I've actually even tracked my food!!! This morning the scale was down a little from yesterday!! But I'll see how it goes tomorrow for my official WI.

Anyway, I was just wondering if other people splurge on the weekend or try to stick to your plan no matter what?