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fasting and itchy skin
23 Jul 2018, 15:59
i have been doing modified keto with intermittant fasting, trying to eat within a 4 hour window low carb, got keto rash, increased carbs and went away, but started total body itching about 3 weeks in. although rash went away, itching did not, in fact increased any suggestions, similar experiences?
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Re: fasting and itchy skin
24 Jul 2018, 23:12

I feel your itch! And it can be maddening!

I was so surprised that a quick search here for "keto flu" yielded nothing! This actually makes sense because basic 5:2 gets its results from time restricted eating and (for simplification) mostly ignores modifying the carb/fat/protein ratios as keto does.

Of the several solutions I've uncovered so far, these seem the most promising:

1. Increase salt and electrolyte intake. This is most often recommended for first time fasters, because sipping 1-2 cups of a stock drink (or bouillon cube drink) throughout the day can both prevent lightheadedness when standing up from a seated position as well as be a distracting element for occasional hunger pangs. Internally this counters the possibility for fasting (carb restriction mostly) to disrupt the body's sodium/potassium balance as it adjusts to burn fat.

2. Bile salts. The idea here is that suddenly changing from an HCLF to a HFLC diet, or even fasting by itself, puts stress on the body to relearn how to process fat as its energy source. This takes time: 2-4 days for sedentary individuals, 4-8 weeks for energetic ones. Bile salts can supposedly aid this process. (My next trip to the grocery store.)

Other solutions such as increasing omega-3 intake seemed problematic.

Finally for me, taking an Allegra (antihistamine) worked better than skin creams and moisturizers. I'll repost as I learn more.
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