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Height & Weight
02 Nov 2015, 14:50
Hi all

I was just wondering what peoples stats are. There used to be a thing on the old forum that you could see BMI at the side of someone's name. However, we all know that BMI is pretty useless if you are muscly as muscle is heavier than fat. Anyway, I am a smally, I weigh 5ft maybe nearly 5ft 1. So while I am quite soft now, I only weigh 134lbs which to some might not seem like much. However, a loss of 5-10lbs could see me drop 2-3 dress sizes. I remember being really inspired by an old member called fatdog who seems to be gone. She was about my height and I through following her progress I got a bit competitive and inspired and dropped to near my goal. I dropped to 117(before my pregnancy of course). I can see you can still see BMI's but they aren't great as an estimate or comparison. Any smallies out there who have reached there goal? Or even for you tallies or just anyone really.
Re: Height & Weight
02 Nov 2015, 17:07
There is often a cog symbol under peoples avatar. If you click on this, you should be able to see the stats, and, also their progress tracker, If it's been made available to the public.
Re: Height & Weight
03 Nov 2015, 00:33
Hello, @Teddybear. I am the smallest person on the forum (was tied with @fatdog when she was around).
In 2013 I lost about 20 pounds using a straight 5:2 WOE. I've been maintaining ever since, on 6:1 at first. Though I have weighed about 2 pounds more in 2015 than I did in 2014, even though I went back to 5:2 after a while. So recently I decided to change my target to 2 pounds higher - 100 pounds now instead of 7 stone. That's more of an American sort of target, anyway... :grin:
So now I can say that, in the last two years, I've never been out of my acceptable range (95 - 102). You can look at my tracker - it's public.
There are occasionally people who will say it's harder for a small person to lose weight. I'm not buying it. It's certainly harder for some people, as jobs, stress, lifestyle (new babies!!) can really make fasting difficult. But I've found it pretty easy, and in fact consider the whole fasting approach pretty miraculous.
Good luck to you. Love that baby. Pretty soon he/she will be 20 something, like mine are. Which is fun in a different sort of way, but babies are pretty special.
Re: Height & Weight
03 Nov 2015, 03:31
Hi @teddybear, I am another samlly and perhaps the smallest. Age wise one the oldies. I didn't think it was possible or good for me to reach low 20's BMI as when I was in my 20's and, I find also, that is an impossibility. My goal weight was 53klgs and I reached it in one year. I only lost one size but was and am very happy about it. But after 6 months, still doing 5:2, I started putting a bit on and over the last year, I am up about two klgs(4.5 pounds app). I am still on 5:2 but nothing gets off. It must be the age and slow metabolism and I know that on other days my intake is more than I need. But I like to live and enjoy as well as diet.
Good luck to you and surely you will reach your goal much faster and easier than us oldies. :clover:
Re: Height & Weight
03 Nov 2015, 08:05
@Pariah it took one year for you? @wendyjane how long did it take you. I need inspiration today and I am so happy to hear you both lost weight. I'd love to lose 20lbs but if I got to 53kg I'd be happy to. I'm currently about 60/61kg. So some other questions for you - did you always stick to 500 cals? Did you do just one meal? How did your other days go - you will see from my blog that my weekends can be a bit mad. Thanks so much in advance - up the smallies :-)
Re: Height & Weight
03 Nov 2015, 09:26
@teddybear, The speed of the weight loss very much depends on your metabolism and as I said on age. Many people on the forum loose in few months what I have lost in a year. So don't be discouraged by my example. Besides, I was not strict on other days.
When I started, I had 3 meals a day because I was teaching adults and couldn't afford to get grumpy. I had an egg and 1/3 of a slice of whole meal bread in the morning, two small meals for lunch and dinner. I checked the calories in general but mostly guestimating. Now I mostly have a coffee with a bit of milk(no sugar) around lunch, and an early dinner. Even now, once in a while I measure the calories of my meal for dinner and it is mostly about 300-350 cals. But for me, that's my whole TDEE which I have for dinner and that's why I am not loosing anymore. And @teddybear, probably we all go mad on the weekends, specially the next couple of months. :clover: :wink:
Re: Height & Weight
03 Nov 2015, 13:25
well currently the tracker says I will not reach my goal until April 2017. You see I had started straight after giving birth and then realised I began too soon. The problem is that now my tracker is all skewed when really it should be starting from last week. I wonder can my start time be added
Re: Height & Weight
03 Nov 2015, 14:40
@teddybear, if you PM @Moogie and give her your revised start date, she will be able to reset your tracker for you - or so I believe. Hope this helps!
Re: Height & Weight
04 Nov 2015, 03:58
@teddybear, just changed part of my setting in the tracker. You may be able to change the start date there as well. If you go to Tracker and choose Edit setting, then start date and goals etc, can be changed there. :clover: :victory:
Re: Height & Weight
04 Nov 2015, 11:02
I am also short and post menopause and started at the end of April at 139.6 lbs losing my weight quickly and have been maintaining at around 115 lbs since the end of June. Preferred weight loss regime was two fast days keeping to 400 - 500 cals and keeping just below TDEE the other days - easier to calculate TDEE calories for a week than stick to daily amounts. Recorded everything consumed for the first 4 months, now only check new items. Exercise = 30 - 45 minute walk each day.
Re: Height & Weight
04 Nov 2015, 12:52
@galexinda wow that was some weightloss trip. I'm actually totally inspired as you were where I was and went down to 115 which is an interim goal for me in 8 weeks. So you lost about 3 lbs per week? I note you also consistently walked, I'm back at my desk job and definitely need to move more. Any good meal ideas? I am also going to look at my weekly TDEE rather than 5 days of the recommended TDEE. I often eat out at the weekend so will be stricter during the week. I'm in awe of how fast you lost though - I'm very motivated now and about to stalk your tracker. If you had a blog, I would be replicating it fastidiously.


I tried your suggestion but in my edit settings I'm not allowed to change the start date so its set at Jan 15. I had only just given birth though and was obviously mental to think I could fast ha ha
Re: Height & Weight
04 Nov 2015, 18:01
@Teddybear, it took me about 8 months to lose about 20 pounds. I can't say exactly since I didn't weigh - at all - when I started in March '13. I was in my acceptable range by November, '13, but didn't reach my final goal weight - 7 stone - till January. As mentioned before, I have decided my target should be two pounds higher than I originally planned on. Mostly because that seems to be where my body has settled, and no one (including myself) can even tell the difference between what I look like at 98 pounds and at 102. And even 102 is the middle of the normal BMI range for me.
As far as what I ate and how, I counted calories for the first few months (though never actually weighing food) but then stopped counting as I had a feel for what 350 - 400 calories looked like. That's 1/4 of my TDEE. Other days I probably did control my intake a bit more than I had in the past, but not obsessively. I've never been a binger, and I've always had a fairly healthy diet, so that helped.
My strongest advice would be don't obsess. Keep your focus on fast days, don't eat junk any days (exceptions made very occasionally for birthdays and such), and try to get enough sleep. Enjoy your little one. That's all.
Re: Height & Weight
04 Nov 2015, 18:14
aaaaah I can see my downfall is going to be my takeaways. Hmmmmmmm what to do. Me thinks its time for another topic in the forum
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