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5:2 Diet 'Rules' & Variations

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Hi Isis,
Loving Tassie, we have seasons which I realised after a few years that I missed! We have the occasional storm but the weather is pretty benign really. Great food, a big local food culture, stunning scenery, and the odd old building. Well, old for Australia!
I reckon the extra day is worth a crack if you can sustain it and life doesn't get in the way!
I guess the idea of 5:2 is that you only fast for 2 days and therefore it should make it easier to stick with long term. Once you start "tweaking" it to lose weight more quickly, it becomes easy to get fed up with it (as I'm sure we all have countless times when "dieting"). To be honest, depressing though it may be, slowly and surely is the key!

Bean :bugeyes:
Loving your new avatar @nursebean, sums it up perfectly! :like:
You have a fair point there bean, for me though it is easy as I am away from home and have nothing to distract me. When I am at home I don't need to fast and can enjoy the week with hubby. If I am not working away from home then I would go back to 5:2. My thinking is, if I get to a weight I am happy with then I can maintain at either 5:2, 16:8 or 6:1.
My twopenneth worth!!
Thanks @Callyanna yes this little character well and truly sums me up at the mo. Certainly slow but not sure about steady and not sure if I'll ever get there!...but I'll give it a darn good try!

Bean :confused:
I have been doing 4:3 since mid October. I actually enjoy it, because it gives me structure to my week. Perhaps, rather oddly, I like the discipline of it all.
I don't suppose for one minute that it's for every one, but worth a try if you're like me and my OH. :heart:
Hi Isis,

As usual, great advice from everyone but until you try it for yourself you will never know how it works, or not, for you, so.......give it a twirl. If you don't like it then just go back to what you were doing. Good luck,

Ballerina x :heart:
If I average my fast days since I started, I'm a 4:3'er. As you can see from my stats, I cannot say it makes me lose faster but I do like the rhythm of it mid week (it's an ADF), and then at weekends I eat pretty much what I want. I am a slow loser though but I encourage you to give it a try to see what you think.
Thank you all for your replies & advice.
Well I am on my second week & second Wednesday with trying 4:3 & I am finding it really easy. I was pleased with my 2lb 2oz weight loss when I usually manage a half or one pound & really want to get my New Year off to a good start.
Rawkaren I have also found that it does set up a weekly pattern that is easy to follow so that I can relax a little more at the weekend. So I am now mixing it up with 4:3 Monday, Wednesday & Friday & 16:8ing on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. Over the weekend I am going over my TDEE because of the idea of trying to prevent my body thinking it's going into starvation mode & eating to around my TDEE on Tuesday & Thursday. I am also in addition to my physio shoulder exercises trying to exercise to one of my Jane Fonda "mature" DVDs on each fast day :grin:
Hi Isis. I think establishing the rhythm is certainly the key. I have been struggling to get back into a routine since the holidays although today is much better. Weekdays are easier too as there is more to occupy us.

Since I stopped 4:3 before the holiday, I do think I have gained, but then again I dropped to 6:1 for 3 weeks and over ate on non fast days so only myself to blame.

Let us know how you get on.
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