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5:2 Diet 'Rules' & Variations

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08 Jan 2014, 16:40
:smile: Hello , just searched for 5/2 details and found this Forum . Decided to try the 5/2 to shift 8 - 16 lbs. Hope for tips and advise :wink:
Re: Newbie
08 Jan 2014, 17:18
:heart: Hi @Moldown2 And Welcome :heart:
Play around to find what "fits" you because were all different for me its evening meal only because once I eat I become more hungry weird I know, drink plenty water, measure everywhere, more importantly keep occupied on fastdays I do eve meal of 2 courses by way of a reward for going the 24hrs but my TDEE is still quite high because of my weight.
No complaints as I'm doing quite well. :heart: :heart: :heart:
Re: Newbie
08 Jan 2014, 17:27
Hello and welcome Moldown2
Lots of hints and tips around the boards. Have a look at the 'bubbles' at the top for newbie tips, FAQs and what is the 5:2. Have a good root around, anything specific can be searched for in the wee thing on the left and you can always ask! we're a helpful bunch and very keen to share our experiences and knowledge! ;)
Re: Newbie
08 Jan 2014, 17:50
Hi moldown2 and welcome to the best resource you could ever find, namely this forum! Just ask if you have any questions and someone will be along to help and support you. Best of luck!
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08 Jan 2014, 20:03
Hi and welcome to the forum. You've found the best forum in the world. Loads of help, support and advice here. When do you start?
Dee :)
Re: Newbie
08 Jan 2014, 20:11
Hi and welcome.

Weigh, measure, take photos and put the info into the Progress Tracker, it is a great motivator.
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08 Jan 2014, 21:27
Hi and welcome:

Here are a couple of tips: post68626.html#p68626

Good Luck!
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