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Is there any suggestion how to not overeat on non fast days?
Fast days are easy for me , I eat one meal of 400 cal at dinner.I took the advice from this (wonderful) forum , to eat protein and vegetables only on fast days and it''s working fine.
Problem is that on non-fast days, if I eat carbohydrates, even a little - I get hungry and overeat.
My question:is it ok to eat proteins and fat and vegetables only( carbs) also on feed days?
Thank you very much :heart:
IMO that's fine. You can get the nutrients and general good stuff you need from fat, protein and veggies alone. No need for the other stuff!
If you're finding that the carbs are making you overeat & hungry then do avoid them for a while, even on feed days, why not? You can always add them in again later when you're happy about your weight loss.
Thank you Auriga, I just wander if there is any possible harm in eliminating carbs altogether?
There is a thread on the forums for low carb dieters with lots of advice. Here it

generally I would say that you do need some carbs for good health. But you can get that from starchy vegetables such as carrots. Avoiding processed carbs may be the way for you to go, such as leaving out pastry, breads, pasta and white rice.

Another tack to take is to leave out the carbs in the morning, have a small amount for lunch but increase the fats, and eat most of your carbs at dinner time where the carbs will help you to sleep.
Vegetables ARE carbs.
I was thinking refined carbs...should have said so.... :dazed:
I know. I just think that carbs get a bad rap sometimes, when GOOD carbs are good for you! :-)
:heart: I've reduced my intake of carbs and my cravings are also reduced veggies are carbs but and I do use all veg + salads to bulk up every meal I now eat.
So you're unlikely to do a day with no carbs and what you're proposing seems fine to me maybe @rawkaren or @FatDog will pop in to tell you differently because I'm a novice at this LCHF enter the experts. :heart: :heart:
Yes , indeed I'll appreciate the opinion of the two experts you named, as well as of anyone with more experience on this .
Thank you all again :-)
I have been low carbing for many months now, without even thinking about it. In fact, I didn't even count the carbs I was having until I looked back through My fitness pal and saw that my carbs on a daily basis have been about 60g per day.
I have entirely cut out refined carbs, except for the recent introduction of a daily bowl of cardboard aka Allbran, which gives me 23g of carbs.
So much have I cut out carbs that I was unable to eat the carb heavy meals at a recent Christmas gathering, as I felt so poorly after the first meal.
Now I used to be a rice and pasta girl, so if I can cut them out, anyone can!
I've just been out for lunch with my friend and I had a bowl of pheasant broth and a turkey sandwich. I left all the bread! Next time I'll ask for soup and a slice of turkey! They know me well enough at the pub!
You'll also get to know which veggies are the carb heaviest, but, excluding potatoes, I eat them all now!
AnnahMetuka wrote: Thank you Auriga, I just wander if there is any possible harm in eliminating carbs altogether?

None at all @AnnahMetuka... the body has absolutely no need for carbs - unlike fats and proteins - some of which are essential.

BUT - veggies (some fruits even, eek!) have very useful nutrients and fibre in them other than carbs, so you'd be very ill advised to eliminate ALL carbs, as you'd be knocking out the veggies and the good stuff in them.

If you meant just "refined / processed carbs", then you're fine - you can dump the lot!!!

@PennyForthem's example is really inspiring / impressive! The festive season has wreaked havoc on my carb intake, and consequently my weight, and it's only just now getting back to sensible.

All the best, FatDog
Gulp, @Fatdog that means a lot, coming from you... thank you!
I soon realised that potatoes, bread, rice and pasta weren't good for my weight loss when I started this woe and cut them out completely as much as I love them. Weight loss would be hopeless for me otherwise. Yes I do miss them but not that much! I don't really understand the carb thing other than white. I don't want to give up sugar and I would be afraid of eating too little of a limited diet if I cut out fruit and starchy veg so I still have them but not in big quantities.

Thank you FatDog for clarifying the fruit and starchy veg thing
Authors Volek, Phinney, Taubes, and I believe Briffa all make the point that the dietary requirement for carbohydrates is zero, that there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. (For example: Why We Get Fat, Taubes, pages 174-178)

However even our caveman ancestors would occasionally knock over a bee hive and steal the honey. They just didn't have the opportunity to do it 3 times a day, everyday, plus snacks and dessert.

The problem is one of culturally and societally induced excess for which the solution does not require total abstinence.
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