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Not talking about things like BP, cholesterol levels or joint/arthritic problems for once but what "ailments" have you noticed that have improved with your weight loss? I've suffered for years with "perennial rhinitis" - a form of year-round hayfever, caused by an allergy to house dust - not great as my part-time "career" is a housekeeper :confused: For years I have used a steroid nasal spray and a daily antihistimine..... but I haven't needed these since last summer - unheard of! I now know that eating lots of carbs and unhealthy food creates mucus so I'm sure my passages have been helped by my better eating habits.

I also suffer carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand and in the winter I usually have to wear a splint in bed overnight. However, this winter I haven't really had to wear it, which I have been attributing to the milder weather - only tonight someone pointed out that my weight loss may have helped lessen the symptoms too. Bit of a lightbulb moment, that....

So.... what has improved for you?
Hi Domane, love the pictures by the way, you can really tell that you have lost.

good news about the rhinitis. I haven't had quite as good results so far, but I do live in the heart of hay fever country in the U.S. :) My asthma seems to be a bit better though. still on the steroid spray, but haven't needed my rescue inhaler as much.

glad your carpel tunnel is better too. that is great. my biggest improvement besides the weight loss is, no more heartburn and reflux. I had been to the point that I had heartburn most of the time. now I seldom do, unless I eat something really heavy and carb laden. then it is fairly short duration. I will be a fast dieter for ever!

wishing you a great week. Phyllis
My OH has not had a gout attack since he started 4:3.

I have suffered a skin ailment on both arms (small sores that persist and come up randomly) for a good 10 years now. Clearest my arm has been for that long since ive been on 4:3 in particular last month
Good news from you @Domane hope all is well with you regarding the stress and job now.
For me no heartburn or indigestion at all in my 11 months
no migraine this is a great plus because it had become monthly and put me to bed for 2 days ( usually a weekend)
My biggest joy comes from my oedema of which there was little improvement at the 7month/3stone lost stage then because of this forum I found out that carbs cause water retention no Doctor /nurse/hospital told me that in 30 years
I started to reduce my carb intake further and now 11 mth later the difference is absolutely amazing and if I never lose the next 50lbs I at least am actually living a life once again.
Thanks to the knowledgeable folk on this fantastic forum.
:clover: :clover: :clover:
My asthma seems to have disappeared, although that may have been because the winter was very mild.Like you Domane my allergic rhinitis has improved. My usual Spring hay fever has not emerged as yet and by now it is usually in full swing!
Ooh that reminds me, I usually have worse hayfever symptoms whilst the trees are in blossom but that doesn't seem to be affecting me this year either (this hayfever malarky only flared up when I was 34 - weirdly I wasn't even overweight way back then)....
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