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Can you switch fast days?
24 Mar 2013, 00:20
I am new to the plan (2 weeks). My fast days are Mondays and Thursdays but this week because of a social commitment on Monday, I'd like to fast on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm not sure how rigid I need to be with the plan. Do you have to consistently fast the same days every week? Or is there some freedom, as long as it is not two consecutive days of fasting?
Re: Can you switch fast days?
24 Mar 2013, 04:20
Yes, that is the beauty of this WOL! I too am changing my days to Tues and Thurs this week as I am meeting a friend for lunch. Whatever works for you!
Re: Can you switch fast days?
24 Mar 2013, 12:26
Hi, I usually fast on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday (I am doing 4:3 rather than 5:2). However if I have Friday off work and go out for lunch / evening meal then I switch the days round to Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. It doesn't seem to make any difference to the weight loss at all and it shouldn't as it is the weekly intake of food in total that counts I think.
This week I'm going to be eating out on Wednesday so I will go to the Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday pattern.
As Debs says - whatever works for you!
Re: Can you switch fast days?
24 Mar 2013, 20:32
Thanks! Things are going well so far. Knowing that my fast days can be flexible makes this plan even more sustainable for me.
Re: Can you switch fast days?
28 Mar 2013, 16:48
Man that makes it so much more doable. I was getting very shaky and sluggish on the second day of fast. :) Thanks guys!
Re: Can you switch fast days?
28 Mar 2013, 16:57
Were you trying to do both days back to back Cjoy? I don't think many people do that although there may be the odd one that copes better with both together. I've found I need two days between fasts or I start to feel off-colour on the non-fasting day. Often now though, on my second feast day, I will wait until around 2pm to eat. I seem to have lost the urge for breakfast unless ths the actual day after a fast so my pattern is a fast day, a normal feast day and a day with an 8 hour eating window fo 2pm to 10pm. Suits me nicely and theres no panic oif I have to go out as I just move it all on a day if need be. :smile:
Re: Can you switch fast days?
28 Mar 2013, 17:10
Yes! Did it the first week and then last week ate normally in the evening of the second day as I had unexpected out of town guests. Was so relieved to find out I did not have to do them back to back again this week :)
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