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I'm always posting questions on this site aren't I!? Suppose I like to know what's going on with everyone else & if my feelings about IF are "normal"! :oops:

Does anyone find the second fast day harder than the first? I have my first fast day & it's conveniently timed, I have nothing that it interferes with and I feel quite comfortable with it (in spite of being frozen to the bone at the moment!). But the second fast day causes me some anxiety (suffer from GAD so that doesn't help).

I almost always find a reason why I can't fit in a second fast, be it that "it's the weekend, I want a glass of wine and some pizza!" or "I'm working really long hours and I don't feel I can last" or "I'm supposed to be going to X and I'll want something to eat" you get the picture.

I'm really hoping that I will start doing 5:2 again as I'm obviously not losing on 6:1 - and I still have a few pounds I wish to shift, but the second day really poses a problem for me sometimes... :confused:
Why don't you choose a day that would be more convenient for you for your second fast day? Personally, I found my second day easier because I was more excited and it was Friday (which makes everything better and easier)!!!
Well I'm trying Friday this week, I normally don't because I enjoy an end of the week glass or two of red wine. My most convenient would be Tues & Weds but I think two consecutive is a bit ambitious! I'm fasting today and then I'll see how I go with Friday.
I think that it's better if your 2 fast days aren't consecutive.
hi sophie
i do tuesdays and thursdays as my fast days and i have noticed that thursdays always seems a bit harder and i have to try a bit harder
i was wondering if that was because they are too close together but i am too scared to try fasting on a monday as that is lunchtime zumba day and i think i would keel over although i doubt it would happen in reality

Hi Sophie

I fasted Tuesday/Wednesday last week and Monday/Tueday this week. I find doing it two days in a row is a lot easier as I'm not as hungry the second day :smile:
p2202 wrote: Hi Sophie

I fasted Tuesday/Wednesday last week and Monday/Tueday this week. I find doing it two days in a row is a lot easier as I'm not as hungry the second day :smile:

That's interesting... when do you eat your 500 cals during the two consecutive days then?
I don't have breakfast and have a cupasoup for lunch (54 calories), plenty of liquids throughout the day and save rest of calories for my dinner :-)
kencc wrote: Perhaps think outside the box ... 5:2 for weight loss is replacing one breakfast + one lunch + one dinner with 500cals; no reason they have to be in that order or all within the same day. For example, you can spread it out over 2 days by replacing Thursday dinner + Friday breakfast + Friday lunch with the 500cals in any way that suits you and then still have a normal dinner out on Friday evening.

Isn't that less than 36 hours? It seems that fasting for 36 hours (from dinner on one night to breaky on the day after) has better results than fasting for less.
I find I am hungrier on the second day but I keep repeating to myself that if I'm hungry I am fat burning. I usually fast on Mondays and Wednesdays but this week, and last, I am doing Thursday instead because of social nights out. I lost more weight last week and I am wondering if its because the fast days are more spread out. I have to say that I am enjoying the diet which I never expected to do and its all about willpower and knowing that tomorrow I can eat my favourite foods again.
bizarrely I would often do a total (water fast ) for 24 or 36 hrs I actually find regular 500 cal fasts harder.... I am doing 3 days but do move them around... I do find I have to limit social activity on those days due to willpower of a wet hanky.
For me it is generally easier to fast on a second day. I find the body has gotten used to little food again, but sometimes the second night is difficult to get through, in terms of reaching a point where I can sleep. For me, it helps to spread out the days a little.
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