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Late night eating before a fast
11 Apr 2013, 08:08
I'm fasting today ( day 5). I've had a good week so far. No over eating on feast days etc. Last night though I suddenly felt hungry and ordinarily would have ignored it but knowing that I had a fast day today I thought I wouldn't cope and ended up having a small bowl of muesli before I went to bed. Has this messed up my fast day? Have I just swapped breakfast on a fast day to the night before..?
I eat one meal a day on fast days, usually 5.30ish.
I've no idea if this WOE is working because I'm avoiding scales for the first month.
Thoughts anyone?
Don't worry Jude, as long as you haven't vastly over eaten on a daily basis you'll be fine. Not everyone fasts from dinner the night before, and one little blip is a drop in the ocean when this is a change for life :)

Over Christmas I relaxed my fasting so I was having around 600 cals and I didn't stop eating after dinner the night before - I still lost a little over the two festive weeks. So don't worry!
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