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I saw, whilst reading the Mail online, that Jenny Murray is now promoting the benefits of the 2 day diet. This woman gives weight loss a bad name and I am rather saddened that she is now using this as, yet another, platform for her lifelong failure to control her weight. She compares this to 5:2 which means it will be seen as another waste of time. Such a squandered opportunity!

Ballerina x
Hi Ballerina

I have just read the article, it reads as if she is mixing diets, low fat, mediterrean and 2 day diet. Why eat low fat yogurt if she is glucose intolerant they have more sugar in them. :confused:
Hi Chriso57,

I know, not very good Is it? The thing is, I am sure she is a very nice, well meaning lady but every few months she waxes lyrical about her latest diet and the next thing you know, she has put all her lost weight back on again and is the rubbishing the latest failure.

I, irrationally, feel rather protective about our 5:2 way of life (I refuse to call it a diet) and I just hate to see it get a bad press, which I know is inevitably going to happen at this lady's hands.

Rant over, 5:2 is a survivor and time will see it triumph, I have no doubt about that,

Ballerina x
Ive actually never heard of her before but read the article as i am a newbie (first week) and found it on a google search. I am new to this but felt she gave incorrect information. She says on more than one occasion that you fast on two consecutive days.
Hi Hopingilose,

I am not sure but I think the 2 day diet recommends doing your fasts on consecutive days, could be wrong, anyway, not a good advert for whatever she is trying to promote,

Ballerina x
There is a few variations about now. Last week the Daily Express did the 48hour diet. I don't bother reading them because as Hopingilose mentioned they usually give conflicting or incorrect info. :roll:
The Daily Mail are promoting 'The Two Day Diet', it is different from what we are following here, but is actually a good diet if you can follow it though unlike 5:2 it is quite prescriptive about what you can eat on fasting and on non-fasting days, and they make the fasting days consecutive.

It has been discussed here at some length in various topics (try the Google Custom Search for 'Two Day Diet OR Daily Mail OR Harvie') and there is a book published by Genesis the UK breast cancer charity.
Surely if she is actually successful with 5:2, then that be a fantastic affirmation that it works and isn't another fad?
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