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Water Weight
22 Apr 2013, 03:45
A lot of people have posted that they look "squishy" in the early stages of the diet, which is explained by water retention. Is there a general idea of how long this tends to last before the water is flushed from your system and you can really see the progress being made?
Re: Water Weight
22 Apr 2013, 05:58

I decided a week ago to try and sort this out, I am a man, so didn't think it was relevant, but there you go. I am a big consumer of salt and I don't regularly drink water, so I tried last week to have a minimum of 2ltrs of water a day, some 4, and cut out adding all salt to my food, I am lucky in that I cook everything from scratch, so it was easy to do.

I lost 5.8lb last week! I think at least 3lb of this was water. The scales show the % hydration, again I don't know how accurate this is, but it seems to have improved as well??

I am still squishy mind!
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