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22 Apr 2013, 14:43
Im just wondering if any kind of tea is ok to have or if just green and black are ok??
Re: Tea??
22 Apr 2013, 14:47
Why wouldn't tea be ok? I have it. Just remember to deduct calories from any milk used from your allowance. I couldn't get up in the mornings without tea, and I have earl grey later.
You can have whatever you want to eat or drink! Though not necessarily as much as you might want.
Re: Tea??
22 Apr 2013, 14:47
Any kind of tea as long as you count the calories (including anything else you put in it like milk or sugar!).

I used to have a couple of fruit teas on my fast days, fairly week so only a couple of cals each and to be honest I didn't count them as it was so little.
Re: Tea??
22 Apr 2013, 14:52
Thanks Im ready to start my 6th fast with some earl grey:)
Re: Tea??
22 Apr 2013, 15:00
Nothing like a cup of tea to start any day, im definitely a tea rather than coffee addict :grin:
Re: Tea??
22 Apr 2013, 19:12
Green tea first thing in the morning, then dark roast black coffee or espresso, and then finally, decaf coffee and tea in the evening. Love the stuff!
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