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Hello everyone,

I am new to this site but also to the diet - I've decided today is the day and I'm starting the diet but...i still dont get those 24h fast days.

My last food was yesterday at 9 PM so when should i eat next? should i have my 500 kcal meal tonight at 9 pm? and then tomorrow i can eat normally again?

Sorry if this question has been asked 50000 times:)

Hi izqa88. I'm a newbie too, but the way I'm sure you can eat your 500 cals at any time today not having to wait till 9pm. Some prefer to split it as 2 or 3 meals, others save it up for 1 meal. But yes tomorrow you eat normally again.
Thank You:)
The reason im asking is I really want to do it properly and get the best results :)
Welcome. There is no proper way although some indications are that the longer you fast may be beneficial. Many people here really do 36 hour fast - so you wouldn't resume normal eating until the following morning. Others do stick to the 24 hours as you are doing. It is best to try it and see what suits you.
most people, not all of course, find it easier to save all their calories for a nice evening meal. Many, myself included, find that if I eat during the day I am starving for the whole day. Wherea, if I just have liquids, i.e.; coffee, Oxo, water, I am fine until dinner, a little peckish yes, but not starving. By saving my calories for the evening, I also find I can cook a normal family meal and just skip the carbs and add more salad/veg. The non-dieters in the family have the carbs to bulk up the calorie count of their meal.
Hi everyone. I'm also new today and last ate at about 7pm yesterday! I think I'm going to eat 3 very small meals as I dont think I can go all day without anything..! I have alot to lose so will take it slow.. Any good tips..??
I too was confused about 24/36 hours. This is the way I do it...... Evening meal on Sunday at approximately 7pm. Maybe a 40 cal hot chocolate before bed. Monday, just have green tea and fizzy water all day and a cup of bovril at lunchtime, a -500 calorie meal in the evening then maybe a 10 calorie jelly and a 40 calorie hot chocolate before bed. When I get up on Tuesday morning, incredibly I am never hungry, so I just have tea until lunchtime then I start eating normally again. So, 36+ hours.

Newslimmerme, welcome, you can pick up so many hints on here, mine is, space the fast days out, they are harder to do consecutively. I started out doing Tuesdays and Thursdays but find Mondays and Thursdays better, these seem to be the most popular days. The beauty is, is that you can change the days around to fit in with life!

Good luck to all you newbies
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