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Any Thoughts?
08 May 2013, 17:16
I really want to begin my 5:2 woe tomorrow after a failed attempt a couple of weeks ago.Any advice would be appreciated as I think another fail will put me off altogether. :?:
Re: Any Thoughts?
08 May 2013, 17:21
Just remind yourself that you can have what you like the next day :) Drink plenty of water/tea/coffee to get you through the day and maybe try to save most of your cals for dinner (say 100-150cal salad at lunchtime and 350-400 cals for a main meal).

Don't worry if you go a bit over your calories, you can always ease yourself into it with 700 or so if that's better for you!

You can do it, we believe in you :) Just drop on by here if you need a bit of support & encouragement!
Re: Any Thoughts?
08 May 2013, 17:32
Plan your meals in advance, and as Moogie said don't worry about going over a bit the first few fasts. You tried before, you said
katieJ wrote: Today went well until 4pm....ran out of distractions. Didn't go far over 500 calorie limit, will try again tomorrow when I should be busier. felt slightly uneasy rather than hungry...any advice?

What did you have that day? (and you did not fail in your first fast) If you go over the 500 cal it is not failure, it is just a low-cal day. Do not try to fast the day after a preceived failed fast until you are well into fasting. Be kind to yourself. This is a new WoE and will take time for you and your body to adjust. Good luck to you and we are always here to help you, just check-in frequently to read our advice and encouragement. :smile:
Re: Any Thoughts?
08 May 2013, 17:38
mint tea is your friend, and as Moogie said, remember that it's just one day. If you need support during the day, I am sure people will be around on here to give you a boost xx
Re: Any Thoughts?
08 May 2013, 17:48
Great advice from the others - be as prepared as you can, and get something really nice to break your fast with in the evening. If you don't want to cook something M & S do Fuller Longer and Count on us with a little as 300 cals, so that will give you room for a breakfast, light lunch or a few snacks. Something that lots of people have commented on is that for most of us, it is easier to try to eat as late in the day as possible, so bearing that in mind try to get to lunchtime or mid afternoon and have a salty drink like Bovril or miso. The first few fasts are usually the hardest - they get easier! You will be so pleased with your achievement after you've done the first one. Good luck :heart:
Re: Any Thoughts?
08 May 2013, 17:53
I completed my 2nd fast yesterday and tbh, I'm quite surprised how easy I found it. Obviously I know this won't be the case for everyone.
I found making a salad gave me a huge amount of food for my evening meal with a small tin of tuna for a bit of protein.
So what I would say, if you want 1 or 2 'meals' on a fast day try to include salad as you get lots for your calories! Maybe add a boiled egg or chicken or fish....and keep drinking the water!!
I really think its a mind over matter situation, the fact that you can't eat what you want, when you want, makes you want to do exactly that!! Just keep reminding yourself that its just for 1 day and tomorrow you can have what you want. You'll also feel a real sense of achievement when you've done it!
I'm chuffed that I have made the decision to follow this plan, I just hope I get results!!!

Good luck!
Re: Any Thoughts?
08 May 2013, 18:13
As everybody said, do plan in advance. If you will be at work or elsewhere, have something in your handbag in case you get hungry.

If you think that going with no food till lunch or dinner is not your style, don't push yourself. I usually have two meals and two snacks on my fast days because my stomach is very sensitive and won't remain empty for too long without giving me a very hard time.

If you don't like herbal teas, try broth made of stock cubes.
Re: Any Thoughts?
08 May 2013, 18:25
Thank you everyone for those very encouraging words. Will begin progress tracker tomorrow and check in for some added support xxx.
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