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anyone else set buffers?
09 May 2013, 13:00
On any given day I give myself a 100cal buffer so I'm happy for example to go to 1600 Cals if I totally have to, like I'm mega extra hungry for some reason.

I don't mind for 2 reasons.

1. It's psychological. I know IF I want extra grub I can
2. I will be again going down to 600 Cals in the week so an extra 100 isn't going to undo my efforts.

I also think that if I go over I would rather do so on quality food than on a burger or pasty.
Re: anyone else set buffers?
09 May 2013, 13:52
Sort of. I do count calories on feed days, because during my first week of fasting I under ate to the point of feeling faint and dizzy, and around now I have a tendency to crave high calorie things and binge.

I find that when I'm aware, it can make me reconsider what I was or wasn't going to eat. Maybe eat an extra apple, or maybe save that chocolate for tomorrow. In practice my buffer is around 200 kcal +/- in the sense that that will make me think again and ask myself if I really want it, but not in the sense that I feel bound by it.
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