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Hi all! I've been MIA for a few days, due to commitments. My husband and I are still doing 8/16 fasting (eating for 8 hours in a day and fasting for 16), and love it. I believe I've found a way I can eat forever and my husband agrees. He has more weight to lose than I, and his stomach is shrinking! I'm so proud of him.

Question: A few years ago I did Paul Mckenna's I Can Make You Thin Program with great success. I'm thinking of combining it with the 8 Hour Diet, because I feel I still a bit too much during the day, even though I have lost weight. Also, I'm reading on UK (I live in the U.S.) that he has a new book, The Hypnotic Gastric Band program, and I'm really interested in that one. I wrote to his publisher asking when it will be available here in the U.S.

Anyone combining Paul's program with fasting? I think the two could be a real winner!
Well this might sound nuts, but I'll say it anyway.

I tried Paul's program about three years ago. I was doing the hypnosis every night with the tapes. Weight started falling off, and then faster and faster. And then I started feeling awful. I was weak and shaky. I couldn't concentrate or remember *anything* The weight was coming off no matter how much I ate, and despite the fact I had stopped doing the tapes a month or two earlier.

Turns out, I developed Graves Disease, which is very overactive thyroid.

I can't prove that the constant subliminal messages to speed up my metabolism actually caused my thyroid to go bonkers. It might be a coincidence. But what if it's not?
I tried his program and it really did not seem to help me. I did not do the gastric band one tho. If it worked for you, why not try them together? Do you do the 8/16 every day or only some. I read an article somewhere that said that was a 2 or 3 day a week program.
Thanks for your replies!

I have decided to not do the Mckenna plan with my 16/8 fasting. I don't really need to. I have lost about 3 lbs. so far, and I'll take it. Yes, it's coming off slowly, but I'm in menopause, and I'll take any loss as it comes, particularly if I don't have to count any calories!

What I have done is really slow down my eating. I was reading some studies about how eating slowly just naturally helps you eat less calories, and it really works. I used to wolf down my food. No more. It takes 20 minutes for your body to feel satiated, and just slowing down really helps with that! I love intermittent fasting!
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