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Hi Guys

I have been reading lots about the benefits people are having doing the 36hour liquid fast instead of 500 cals. I have not lost anything doing this diet in the last 2 weeks so need a kickstart. I'm just wondering, some of you seem to do water only, some are doing tea and coffee and I saw someone doing a protein shake. I also ready online some people might eat some kind of soup. What have you all been eating and do you see more or less success with having soup than with just water/tea/coffee?

I am 10hours into my fast. I started at 7pm yesterday and actually hoping to make it til 8pm Wed which would make it 43hours. If I'm really weak I might have 2 scrambled eggs or something


I'm hoping to try my first liquid fast tomorrow and I think I'll stick to water and green tea. I've made some fresh chicken stock for if I get desperate, I loaded it with herbs and veg so hopefully it'll be nice and tasty. I have about 2 mugs worth.
I only do 36hr fasts and it's taken a long time to build up to this from 2 meal 500 calorie 5:2, followed by 5:2 one 500 calorie meal and now 36hr fast with black coffee, diet coke (realise this is frowned upon) and lots of water. The weight loss has slightly increased, but only from 1.2lbs a week to 1.5ish so not a huge increase. I like the idea of added possible health benefits and find not eating helps me to stop feeling hungry. I do however have a lot of weight to lose and if you don't you may find progress much slower.
Just looked at your bmi which is healthy range and I'm sure you will need to wait much longer than 2 weeks to see results and you may even have to look at what you're eating on other days. Keep healthy and make sure your target is doable, maybe it's toning you need rather than weight loss? I would maybe advise easing into longer fasts as each change I've made has been gradual and still needed time for my body to adjust. Good luck and keep healthy
Hi Mariposa that's good advice. I may have to wait til I return from hols to really do a 36hour although so far so good today. Im sticking with water and stock although I am very cold.

Hopeful heart - Didn't think you could have veg in the broth though as that counts as food not liquid. Although I am open to correction on that

I actually put a count down timer on my iphone and it really is helping motivate me seeing the hours count down as time is flying coz I am so busy. 15 hours to go only now.

Can anyone else tell me what they have been drinking?
To be honest I'm not planning to go with just water as I think I need some calories to keep me upright. I suppose it's all personal choice :D I know some people drink stock cubes or miso soups and I don't see it as any different to that, mines just fresh :D

*Edit* I've just reread your post and I misunderstood. There's no veg in it, everything has been strained out, its stock so it's cooked with veg initially. Hope that makes it clearer.
My liquid fasts consist of green tea and water.
The term "liquid fast" doesn't mean much in itself. You could take in unlimited numbers of calories in liquid form.

Drinking only water for 36 hours would be the best way of doing things, I suppose.
I think it is what you make of it. If you are having some stock and a cup of coffee which is what I have for example you are still way under the 500 cal limit and your tum really has nt got that much to do, so I think that it must work. I would say do what feels good. If you are cold and uncomfortable a nice cup of stock is probably just what you need. I think I will be able to be more strict once the warm weather hits, if it ever does :like:

PS we also put veg in with stock cube then strain it all, it gives it a better taste. :smile:
I do mostly water, some black coffee, and some veggie stock if I feel really hungry. Try to stay calorie free if you are truly trying to do a fast but the good thing about this plan is you can customize it. You always have those 500 calories if you need them. :-)
This might be of interest - an article with recommendations on what to eat during a fast to maximise the health benefits. Freshly made bone broth comes highly recommended and adding some non starchy veg apparently doesn't hurt either.

I've only just begun trying to do liquid fasts and need to get back into the stock-making habit! Find the slow cooker is really good for it - you can just leave it simmering away overnight on the lowest setting.
For my liquid fasts (which is most of my fasts these days, I find I'm much less hungry in the evenings this way!) I just have a low cal cuppa soup for around 50 cals for my dinner. If I really need something sweet I'll have a half mug of Cadbury highlights for 20 cals (or push the boat out and have a whole one - though a half is usually enough).
I've tried one week last week with nearly zero calorie drinks (coffee, tea, miso soup) and one week now with about 200 calories each fast day (milk, green smoothie, coffee with coconut oil).

I do three fasts a week, and Mondays and Wednesdays are fine no matter what. Friday was tricky last week, I felt weak and cold and had a headache. Very likely I ate too many carbs on my feed day Thursday. Today is much better, I feel good and have not felt any urge to binge between fasts.

So for me, having about 200 calories has been the best experience.
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