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Hello all,

I've only been following this for a couple of weeks but usually leave a day or two inbetween fasts. My shifts are erratic this week and it would suit me best to have two fasts days together, or I'll probably only manage to have one. I'm looking for some advice from anyone who does/has done this. Is it really hard? Are there any effects on weight loss that week? Any tips or hints would be much appreciated!

Hi :)

There are various members here who do consecutive days as standard because they prefer just to get it done and dusted. Clearly they don't find it too hard :) I have tried it myself just to so how it would feel and was waning a bit towards the end of the second day, and allowed myself a bigger dinner - but overall still had normal loss that week.

Do you tend to split up your fasting cals or save them all for one meal?
I know this is a bit third hand but the "Two day diet" of Dr Michelle Harvie in its various guises has always been two consecutive days - she says it's easier to stick to.
I started out doing two consecutive days, and had to stop after "Angry Tuesday" became far too common an occurrence.

It's worth a try, but don't let it derail your diet if you find it gets too tough.
I've done it twice as a part of a 4:3 and I found it fairly easy.
This is the 3rd week that I'm doing 2 half-fasts (Mon, Tue) by following Dukan attack and then a proper 500 fast and I survived to tell the tale, LOL!
Thank you every one for such quick replies! Moogie, I plan to split my cals into lunch and dinner, hoping that coffee and tea will see me through til about 1.30 each day. Good to know that others have tried it! That's it decided, Wednesday and Thursday will be fast days. Wah! I will keep you all posted on how tired/angry I am by Thursday night!

Thanks again.
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