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I keep overeating on my nonfast days and this is making the weight loss very slow. I just can't seem to say no :bugeyes:

So, I was thinking I could do 4:3 a try to make up for the extra calories. Is it much harder? Is the weight loss quicker?

Have you tried calorie counting on something like MyFitnessPal, it makes me stop and think before I eat something that I am going to have to enter it on the tracker later :like:
As SianS suggested, perhaps entering calories will have some 'reigning' effect on your intake. I find the thought of figuring out the calories in a nibble make the nibble not worth eating! Or perhaps 4:3 will help you learn control on your normal days. You have to do what is sustainable for you, at some point it may have to come down to your own will power.
Hi Sian,

Yes I do this (quite obsessively) but I think it makes me worse in a way. It just makes me think about food constantly, my brain overrides my common sense and I just pig out. I'm thinking maybe if I do 4:3 I could ditch the calorie counting altogether.
I like 4:3. I find it habit forming rather than difficult. Good luck!
MaryAnn wrote: I like 4:3. I find it habit forming rather than difficult. Good luck!

Me too. And really I can't be bothered to log calories. I might check calories on certain foods to get an idea, but daily? Not going to happen.

Even with a modified 4:3 plan (my 3rd fast day is more like 1000kcal), I try to keep my week day feeds more reasonable and let my piggy self out and about only on weekends. I don't find it any more difficult than 5:2.
I overate on my fast day today :frown: . I'm thinking I may try 4:3 too plus this Fitness Pal thing - I never count calories normally but maybe it'll stop me reaching for the biscuit tin :crossed: .
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