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Not eating enough on fast day
11 Jun 2013, 11:31
I have a question more than a problem. On fast days, I eat too little.

I began last week and, when I count the calories, last week I was at 250 ans yesterday, 279 cal which is little.

I am full of energy, sleep like a baby, am not grumpy and everything is fine. I do a meal at night (the rest of the day I drink coffee, tea, plenty of water, water and lemon) and I just stop when I am "full" (yesterday I only ate half of my menu)

Is it something "normal"
Hi Manderley. It doesn't matter if you eat less than 500 calories. Some people here eat nothing on a fast day.
If you feel fine then stick to what you are doing.
There are no hard and fast rules about how many calories you must eat on a fast day just guidelines that you shouldn't go over. Many fasters do liquid only fasts on their fast days, others eat up to a quarter of their TDEE whic is approximately 500 for women and 600 for men. If eating less than this is working for you then stick with it. Just make sure you are not eating too little on your feed days. You need the differential between the two for this to be most beneficial.
Well, I am no expert but it is normal if you feel like it is!
Since you're a woman, you can eat anything below 500. Whether that is 0 or 499, it is all up to you! :-)
I never counted my calories until now so it's a bit of a shock for me to see how little I eat.

Today (a feast day) I will have eaten only 1300 calories (I planned my meals until tomorrow)which is not much but I have enough and I am not hungry during the day. It makes around 4 times what I eat on a fast day so I believe it's enough...
If it is under your TDEE then it is not enough and not eating enough equals not losing!
I eat a bit of everything. To give you an exemple I will take today.

For breakfast, home made light banana pancakes (265) and one black coffee

For lunch 80g turkey (159), 80g homemade fries in the oven (120), home made ratatouille 100g (72) and 40g camembert (120)

For tonight a 3 eggs omelette (300), a salad with lemon and olive oil dressing (68) and even milk chocolate (264) which makes, at the end of the day, 1360 calories and I can assure you that I am full.

I really don't know how I can push myself to eat even if I am not hungry....

It's really confusing...:confused:
Have you calculated your TDEE?
Did you have problems losing in the past while you were consuming very few calories? I know that some will not agree with me but there is a little situation called "starvation mode" and if you're in it you won't lose weight unless you stir things up...
My TDEE is 1464 cal

It's my first diet ever so I can't answer your question. I never was a big eater anyway, always been around 1500 since I am an adult
Why don't you start with 1464 and see how it goes? It's only a couple of bites of chocolate away from 1300. :-)
I say continue as you are. For 4 weeks or so. If you aren't getting the benefits that you want, then adjust your diet at that point.
I think I will stay as I am for now and see how it goes in the long run. It's so complicated already to know what to eat as my body seems to really really like the repair mode and I have no taste for some food I use to crave

I will try, however, eating some soup during the day and see if I can find real porridge to mix with some berries :wink:
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