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After a sneaky look on scales today it looks like I haven't lost again this week :-(
My fasts are correct (not eating anything past 7pm night before fast.Not eating till dinner time following day on fast where I consume all my 500 cals then nothing to eat after 7pm) I have also been doing 16:8 past few days on non fast days which I seem to weirdly enjoy. So days after fasts I am not eating till 11am.

Using this logic of doing my fasts correct, it must be my 'feast days' that are letting me down so I am going to start counting cals. I used to do Scottish Simmers which I was successful on,so I am going to do that again on non fast days to give me some structure.My points allowance equals 1200 cals (1300 by time you factor in free allowances eg calcium and fruit)

I think me personally I need some structure with my cals as having free reign is obviously just allowing me to maintain weight rather than lose.
Hopefully this added structure of cals (and a proven weight loss diet haha) combined with 5:2 and 16:8 will help shift some of my wobbly belly :-(

Does anyone else find they need some structure and need to count cals??

I always count calories on feed days. I guess it is just such a habit, I find it 'comforting' somehow to know what I'm eating - and yes it does give structure as well.
Me again! I use My fitness pal set to maintenance which I learnt from someone on here. I log my food intake and exercise not religiously but fairly rigorously. I didn't need to do this until my TDEE went down significantly after I lost 1st. Trying to keep up with the portions consumed by my teenage sons was what caused me to put weight on so I did need to think about how many calories my older, shorter body needed!
Good plan Karen,
I know this WOE isn't about counting calories but it does assume that we know what eating "normally" is. Feast is such s suggestive word.
There are lots of online calorie trackers I use MyFitnessPal which I find has the majority of the foods I eat as well as supermarket foods and recipes from The Hairy Dieters book.
Good luck with it and let us know how you get on, I tried 16:8 and found it wasn't for me, but I know a lot of people do it very sucessfully.
I'm not actually counting calories but I do count carbs. I do it because low carb brought my blood glucose down to normal and I found it was going up again when I first went onto 5:2 and started eating a more mixed diet. I don't know if its the lower carbs or just the more mindful eating that has helped me.

Its certainly not just the low carb diet that's bringing my weight down. The fasting plays its part as I am now losing on a more generous carb allowance which makes for a more varied diet.
Well Im going to do Scottish Slimmers on feast days as I lost weight on that ages ago so hopefully combined with 5:2 and the eating structure of 16:8 will help me lose weight. The thing is I dont have loads to lose Im just hoping by losing weight combined with exercise will help me tone up and lose wobbly bits lol

Are you suggesting 1200 cals per day for the 5 days and 500 for the 2?

That averages a 1000 cals a day on average over the week, which probably will mean you might struggle to lose and possibly end up a wee bit starved (unless you're really wee.)
Yeah but I will also eat more if I feel I need it.

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