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Cal count on 16:8 days?
19 Jun 2013, 10:08
After a month or so on 5:2, I hit a plateau and have now introduced 16:8 to see how that works. I intend to keep the two 500 cal fast days and do 16:8 the other days. So far I feel well, but I'm not sure I'm losing any weight!

I wonder whether I should restrict calories on 16:8 days too or if it's better to eat normal lunch and dinner (I eat lunch at noon and dinner at 6 or 7 pm), which then basically means just skip breakfast on those days?
Re: Cal count on 16:8 days?
19 Jun 2013, 10:56
That is basically what I do, although I sometimes throw in a liquid 36 hour fast. I am losing just over 1lb per week (average)but I am happy with that. I know that I will be doing this for a long time (probably forever!)I don't ever calorie count on non fast days, although I have found that I eat less and choose better foods.
Re: Cal count on 16:8 days?
19 Jun 2013, 13:14
Eating within an 8 hour window is already a restriction, so unless you feel comforted by it, I wouldn't calorie count on 16:8 days. Relax and give it at least a week before you worry about any more changes or restrictions, is my advice.
Re: Cal count on 16:8 days?
19 Jun 2013, 20:00
Thanks for your replies, hilaryjane and glassmarble! I will follow your advice and not count calories on 16:8 days. Will be interesting to see what the result of an 8h eating window is. I think it will fit my summer schedule fine too.
Re: Cal count on 16:8 days?
19 Jun 2013, 20:34
I am doing both and seem to be losing weight again. I'm not restricting calories during the 8 hours and today I even had some home made cookies! I had prawn salad for lunch and chicken salad for dinner. I don't know if I'm doing this right, but it feels right. Good luck
Re: Cal count on 16:8 days?
20 Jun 2013, 07:57
Thanks for your reply, Wendy Darling. Good to hear that this works for you - hopefully I'll lose some more weight with this combination too. Prawn salad was a great suggestion - long time since I made anything with prawns. Great summer food!
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